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What Do You Think of Ciara's Parenting Skills

What Do You Think of Ciara Parenting Skills?

Social media always has something to say about people enjoying their lives. Take for instance Ciara, she just came under fire for riding a bobsled with her baby in China.

Ciara and Russell went on a family vacay and had a little bit of fun with the kids, but social media is NOT HAPPY! Read on about Ciara Parenting Skills

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Ciara Opens Up About Car Accident

Ciara Opens Up About Car Accident

A pregnant Ciara is now speaking out about her recent car accident saying that she is “Thankful For Gods Grace, and Amniotic Fluid!”

Find out what the soon to be mommy of two, Ciara had to say about he accident…

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Ciara Posts Tacky and Tasteless Family Photo

Ciara Family Photo Tacky and Tasteless

We understand that Ciara will try and spin this as “art” but baby Future is too old to be showing his bare bottom in the selfie CiCi posted on the gram!!!

Read more and wait until you see the latest family photo Ciara posted…

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