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Stevie-j-video-responce-on child-support-hearing-0211-1

Stevie J has No Problem Paying Child Support

Stevie-j-video-responce-on child-support-hearing-0211-1

Stevie J has No Problem Paying Child Support?!?

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star Stevie J has No Problem Paying Child Support, that comes from the hip hop producer himself outside of the courthouse.

Despite facing an indictment for NOT paying more than $1 million worth, Stevie J says that the real problem is how much his kids spend.

Here’s the tea:

We got the “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” star in NYC on Tuesday — shortly after he entered a not guilty plea in federal court for his child support case.

Watch the video … Stevie is remarkably calm for a guy who’s facing up to 2 years in prison for allegedly ducking $1.1 mil in support for his 2 kids. He says his confidence comes from knowing the case was dismissed from state court last year … and thinks he’ll get the same result in federal court.

He also talks briefly about his recent court-ordered rehab stint — but the best part is the gem he drops when we ask if he’s up to date on support now:

“My kids can go through a check really quick.”

Check what Stevie J told TMZ cameras:

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Stevie J Cheating on Joseline Hernandez


Stevie J Cheating on Joseline Hernandez?!?

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta producer Stevie J Cheating on Joseline Hernandez after getting out of rehab?

Damn, Did Stevie J sober up and see the light that he was dating a train wreck?

Here’s the tea we have to spill on Stevie Jordan and the drama that seems to continue to follow him. Word is that the LHHATL star Stevie J, who was recently sent to an inpatient drug rehab program after failing an embarrassing 10 drug tests, according to Page Six.

Depsite owing his baby mama’s more than $1 million in back child support, the musceled hip hop producer is now out of rehab and RUMORED to be cheating on the Puerto Rican Princess.

Apparently Steebie’s old tricks NEVER die and now he’s of FULL EXPOSURE thanks to thanks to an inside source.

Here is what they’re spilling:

“Stevie got himself a side piece, and she looks exactly like a young Joseline. The young lady, named Molly, recently moved from Miami to Atlanta to work with Stevie. And by ‘work’ … we mean strip. The woman is currently living with Stevie’s son — and trying to get together a music career. But her 9-to-5 job (9 p.m. to 5 a.m.) is she’s a stripper at Club Onyx in Atl[anta]. Stevie and Molly must be getting pretty serious too — ’cause two days ago Molly made a Vine video where she said that her ‘daddy’ was going to buy her a house.”

If you’ve watched the series, Stevie J was first with Mimi Faust while creeping with his stripper side piece Joseline Hernandez. As the show progressed Mimi got bumped out of Stevie’s front seat of the bus and Joseline took over. They faked a marriage and is RUMORED to be in a  relationship of convenience.

Last season, Benzino tried to warn him about Joseline, but it just looked bad and Zino and Stevie fell out. The two then fought on the LHHA reunion season 3 last summer and now Zino has been fired from the show.

Joseline was suspended for 4 episodes without pay and now it seems that they’ll be new drama on the upcoming season since Stevie J has added a new woman to ride the bumpy roads driven by Mr Jordan.

We’ve said it before, the way you get your man is usually the way you loose your man!

What do you think Joseline is gonna do?

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Warrant Issued For Mario Winans-0129-12

Warrant Issued For Mario Winans

Warrant Issued For Mario Winans-0129-12

Warrant Issued For Mario Winans!?!

Word on the street is that a Warrant Issued For Mario Winans since he STILL hasn’t settled up with his baby mama Janelle Bennett’s and his responsibilities.

The former Bad Boy artist is WANTED by the courts over his child support problems, which go way way back.

Winans has a warrant for his arrest in the state of Florida for back child support in Miami according to an insider who revealed that he hasn’t cut a check for his son with Janelle Bennett in over three years.

Mario was ordered to pay Janelle $3,500 a month back in 2007, which is $42,000 a year and if you add it up to date Winans owes a total of $297,500.00 for the past eight years NOT including penalty fees and more. Back in 2008, his baby mama, Janel revealed that Mario was ordered to pay Janel $4,500 a month, but he stopped paying in 07 and she “ended up loosing her house [in Miami] and moved to Chicago . . . I just want him to do right by Jordan.”

Most likely throw him over the $300,000 mark for backed child support.

Three weeks ago, Mario posted the above photo with this caption:

“Focused on changing this game and bringing yall the best music to dance and feel good to! Me and my bro @iammattyrich in the lab bout to bring the greatest @iamdiddy album yet!!”

Sounds like someone is a deadbeat dad?

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Ludacris Awarded Primary Custody


Ludacris Awarded Primary Custody!!!

The Furious 7 star was dubbed the victor when it comes to family court so take that baby mama Tamika Fuller since Ludacris Awarded Primary Custody of daughter!

Ludacris baby mama Tamika Fuller bitterly testified against him claiming that the rapper didn’t want the baby when he found out she was pregnant, and even tried to negotiate an abortion by throwing 10K her way.

Well her attack FAILED, because CelebNMusic247.com has learned she lost in family court and now we have the tea on the situation:

A sources connected with the rapper tell TMZ … the judge reviewed the report from an independent expert as well as the testimony and concluded Luda was the more fit parent.

The judge awarded both Luda and Tamika joint legal and physical custody but said Luda will be “the primary physical custodian.” We’ve watched the video of the decision and the judge messes up in a big way, saying Luda has decision-making authority. If that’s true, he would have primary legal custody. Short story … the judge makes very little sense.

Luda tells TMZ, “I am gratified that the judge found me to be the most fit and proper parent to have primary physical custody of our beautiful daughter.”

In other news Ludacris shared some behind the scenes look at the new Furious 7 movie:


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