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Trick Daddy Files For Bankruptcy


Trick Daddy Files For Bankruptcy!!!

Yes its true, Trick Daddy Files For Bankruptcy since the rapper who loves the kids hasn’t been doing too much these days.

CelebNMusic247.com has this report on KingDingaLing aka Trick Daddy filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy:

The Miami rapper Trick Daddy has filed for bankruptcy, reports TMZ. The rapper hasn’t been doing too much these days, so it’s probably the least-shocking news you’ve heard all day.


As the report says, Trick filed for Chapter 11, with his debts outweighing his assets. The veteran rapper has around $430k worth of assets, while he’s also $645k deep in debt. Among his debts, the rapper owes $34,837 in child support to one of his baby mamas, $22,282 to another mother, $290,000 in back taxes, and $280,000 on his first mortgage.

Despite Trick Daddy not being one of the most poppin’ rappers these days, he says he earns around $14,500 a month, mostly through publishing and club gigs. He’s frugal too, with only $550 invested in his clothes and jewelry.


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Dwight Howard Slapped with New Paternity Suit


Dwight Howard Slapped with New Paternity Suit?!?

Here we go again because Houston Rockets star Dwight Howard Slapped with New Paternity Suit by another ex baby mama named Tiffany Render.

Dwight Howard’s personal life has made headlines quit a bit thanks to his on and off drama with baby mama and ex Royce Reed, but this time it’s NOT Royce.

Howard is rumored to be father to multiple kids with multiple women.

Obviously, Dwight doesn’t believe in wearing condoms. Com’on men condoms alleviate the baby mama drama and STDs.

Anyways, Dwight’s other baby mama has slapped him with a new paternity suit for her 5-year-old daughter.

CelebNMusic247.com casught wind of the Dwight Howard paternity suit via TheJasmineBrand [via UBM]:

TheJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, NBA star Dwight Howard has been slapped with a paternity lawsuit by a secret baby mama, who is demanding the court order that he is the legal father of her 5-year-old daughter.

The site has obtained court documents, noting that Tiffany Render served the 29-year-old Houston Rockets player with paternity lawsuit on May 12th in Florida Court.

According to the court documents, Tiffany claims she and Dwight reached a settlement on child support but he didn’t hold up his end of the deal, so Tiffany decided to take it to court.

What do you think?

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Darius McCrary Arrested


Darius McCrary Arrested!!!

Darius McCrary Arrested In Oakland county, Michigan after he landed to attend a settlement child support custody issues with baby mama. Darrius was arrested for unpaid Child Support.

Actor Darius McCrary was briefly jailed on Wednesday (Mar 25) for failing to pay child support, CelebNMusic247.com has learned.


Here’s the details:

The star, best known for 1990s sitcom Family Matters, made an appearance at a family court in Oakland County, Michigan to settle child support and custody issues with the mother of his lovechild

According to reports, the judge ordered McCrary to be held behind bars for up to two weeks until he handed over $5,500 in back payments.


McCrary remained in jail until he decided to pay up, and was released after a couple of hours, according to TMZ.com.

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