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Chief Keef Released After South Dakota Arrest

Chief Keef Released After South Dakota Marijuana Charge

Once again, Chief Keef checked into a local jail after he was arrested in South Dakota where he was charged with marijuana possession.

Read more on Chief Keef, whose legal name is Keith Cozart…

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Chief Keef’s Camp Release Statement

Chief Keef's Camp Release Statement-617-1

(CelebNMusic247-NewsChief Keef‘s Camp Release Statement!

Earlier Today admitted his guilt and was arrested again after leaving court in Skokie, IL where he was in court for a traffic violation.

 Over the weekend, Chief was charged with excessive speeding and now his camp has released a statement about what really went down in the courtroom.

Here’s the drop according to FSD [via GMBU]:


“Keith Cozart was arrested this afternoon around 12:30 P.M. after leaving traffic court. The 17 year old rap phenom, Chief Keef, road about 4 blocks from the Skokie Courthouse when his vehicle was pulled over. His manager Rovaun “Dro” Manuel was driving when two unmarked cars cut the vehicleoff. Present were Chief Keef, Dro, Mike Starkman, and Ballout. Mike Starkman says six officers armed with AK47’s hopped out of the cars to extract a compliant Cozart. Keith Cozart was arrested on charges of misdemeanor trespassing and taken from Skokie back to the south side to be processed. It is not normal practice for police to come from the south side armed with AK47’s to arrest a person onmisdemeanor trespassing charges, but clearly Chief Keef is a special young man that garners special treatment from the Chicago Police Department. Hours later, amidst jovial officers with no sense of urgency, Chief Keef is still being held waiting to be processed. So special they just wanted to keep him around for a little while longer.”


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Chief Keef High Speed Chase (Video)

Chief Keef High Speed Chase (Video)-530-1

(CelebNMusic247-NewsChief Keef High Speed Chase (Video)

17-year-old Chief Keef was caught ON TAPE shattering the speed limit in Illinois this week, allegedly doing 110mph in a 55mph zone — and TMZ has dash cam footage of the subsequent police chase … and arrest.

Check it:

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