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NFL Network Apologizes For Buffalo Bills Exposure


NFL Network Apologizes For Buffalo Bills Exposure!!!

It may have been a professional interview being conducted in the Buffalo Bills locker room but the nudity was in full effect so NFL Network Apologizes For Buffalo Bills Exposure.

Following the Bengals’ 34-21 victory over the Buffalo Bills on Sunday the NFL Network was interviewing Adam Pacman Jones but the team was fully exposed behind him.

In normal lost-game fashion, the NFL Network went into the Cincinnati locker room with a camera crew to interview the undefeated Bengals revealing the teams banana clips

Yes ladies it was a sausage factory in full effect!



CelebNMusic247.com has learned that the NFL Network is Apologizing For accidentally captured Bengals players in the background completely nude. We’re talking sausage factory exposure. And get this, the footage was live and airing on National TV in real-time.

If you were watching then you got to see some of your favorite men on the field and what they’re working with ladies. The only problem is that some of the men spotted in the video were very unhappy considering that their family and friends were tuned in.

The Network has since issued an apology to the players, Commissioner VP Alex Riethmiller stated:

“Regrettable mistake by our production team and one where we have already done a thorough review.”

The funnest part was when another broadcaster said:

“Yeah, that was interesting…”

Check the video:

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Porsha Williams And Duke Williams Dating

prosha-williams-dating-Duke-Williams -0721-1

Porsha Williams And Duke Williams Dating!?!

It appears that Porsha Williams Has A New NFL Beau and this one is sexier than the last one. Word is that the Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams And Duke Williams Dating?

Just his name alone is fine. On Duke, Oh Duke, yeah we can see Porsha all sprung on this guy, because he’s real easy on the eyes.

We don’t blame Porsha, because Duke is mui Caliente.

Porsha already seems in love, because she posted this tweet:

When it’s right you know it… If he means it he shows it!! #TheLittleThings ???? #KUWTW”

prosha-williams-dating-Duke-Williams -0721-2

Here is what CelebNMusic247.com is hearing via Cocoa Fab:

Cocoa Fab writes:

Now, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star is showing the world who she’s riding with…and they already share a last name.

prosha-williams-dating-Duke-Williams -0721-4



Porsha’s new man is Duke Williams, a football player for the Buffalo Bills.

The 24-year-old hunk has turned Porsha into a cougar at 34 and there’s seems to be no shame in her game.

prosha-williams-dating-Duke-Williams -0721-3

She and her new beau posted pictures of each other on social media to show the world they’re serious about their romance.

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Michael Jordan’s Son Disses LeBron James


Michael Jordan‘s Son Disses LeBron James!?!

You might say Michael Jordan’s Son Marcus Jordan isn’t a fan of King James so it comes at no surprise Michael Jordan’s Son Disses LeBron James.

CelebNMusic247.com found out that Marcus let it be known during the Cleveland Cavs‘ 91-101 loss to the Miami Heat on Christmas.


Jordan’s son took to his Twitter with a few opinions on the NBA star, who finished the game with 30 points and 8 assists, which didn’t seem to be enough for Jordan, who tweeted:


Marcus continued with his diss towards LeBron James using a “We Are The Millers” scene and followed it with another dig:


During the Cavs’ game, King James shot 9-16 from the field, while Irving shot 10-19 and 25 points. While Kyrie attempted three more shots, James added 8 assists.



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