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BICC’s Phor Kills It With His Music


BICC’s Phor Kills It With His Music!!

VH1’s newest reality series Black Ink Crew Chicago displays that they work hard and play hard, but did you know BICC’s Phor Kills It With His Music??

Yeah, CelebNMusic247.com has your first look at Phor’s music videos that he dropped earlier this year and we feel that you’re gonna be impressed.

Phor is badass! Not only do we want a tattoo by him…we thirsting for some more music. Damn Phor that’s wassup!

On Black Ink Crew Chicago Phor is one of the BEST tattoo artists in Chitown’s 9 Mag, but when it comes to his music he kills it on the mic. 

Black Ink Crew: Chicago’s Danielle, describes her co-star, Phor like this:

“By day, he’s this calm, cool, you know, humble tattoo artist, and then the second he gets on stage you’re like, ’who are you??’” Phor’s a musician above all else, and tattooing is his day job, it just so happens that he’s amazing at both and he’s not about to quit the shop any time soon.

Unlike most reality TV stars, Phor explains that his “My storyline — is me pursuing my dream…I’m just trying to be heard.”

He is the edgy K Michelle (The breakout talent musically) of Black Ink Crew. Hopefully soon we will see an album from Phor, but for now you can watch him on BICC:


Have you seen Phor’s music videos?

Well CelebNMusic247.com has Black Ink Chicago’s Phor videos for “The Beginning” presented by A Zae Production:

Phor – “Moment”

We are highly impressed by Phor – his music is sic!

What do you think of Phor music videos?

The new Black Ink Crew: Chicago, airs on VH1 on Monday nights at 9/8c.

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Black Ink Crew Chicago Work Hard and Play Hard



Black Ink Crew Chicago Work Hard and Play Hard!!!

Unlike Black Ink New York, Black Ink Crew Chitown Brings The Drama when it comes to 9 Mag tattoo shop, Black Ink Crew Chicago Work Hard and Play Hard.

We already had you Meet The Cast of Black Ink Crew Chicago, but Tonight we get to meet the crew of Black Ink Crew Chicago – First up is the owner of BICC – His name is Ryan – Not only is he fine ladies, Ryan is a man about his busisness.

bicc-ryan-1026-1Owner Ryan who is a true BOSS, he’s a NO BS type of guy! Ryan turns to tattooing to clear his mind and to cleanse his soul. His sister Nova, who was murdered 6 years ago by her boyfriend, is the driving force behind his success. She was his rock his whole life and the money given to the family after her untimely death was the seed money that began his journey. Ryan’s story literally brought tears to our eyes. We feel for him.

Unbeknownst to most people, Ryan is part Japanese and he searches for a deeper connection to his heritage through traditional Japanese tattooing.

This crew at Black Ink is engaging, but like Black Ink Crew NY, we have all the players like Phor; he’s the rockstar of the crew – his ink skills bicc-phor-1026-1are 110% above the rest. Phor is a single man in Chitown, with no baby mamas and no girlfriends. He is not only one of the best tattoo artists in the business, but a well-known rapper on the rise in Chicago as well. He wants Kat, but will she give in to his persistant charm?

bicc-don-1026-1His brother Don and is also his assistant. He’s a daddy who is there for his son, but struggles with his baby mama. Don was a successful basketball player in college, but his dreams of being a pro athlete were dashed one night, when Don made a mistake that landed him in jail.

Charmaine is the quintessential southern belle with an edge. She grew up in Louisiana and exhibits a bicc-Charmaine 1026-1lot of that famous Southern hospitality – as long as you don’t cross her.  Charmaine has the hots for Don, and on the first episode she makes her move for the sexy brother. Yeah she let’s Don get that kitty in the bathroom. She wants to be his wifey, but little does she know – Don is not being honest about his relationship with his baby mama.

bicc-Danielle -1026-1Charmaine sister is Danielle, the receptionist of 9 Mag.  Kat’s first practice canvas in college, they have remained best friends. Danielle is cool, she’s ride or dye for her girls.

Danielle is Charmaine’s sounding board and tries her best to keep her cousin out of too much trouble.
Though Danielle is the voice of reason for the females in the shop, this sexy lady still likes to throw down and can out-party the guys any day!

Next up is, Kat, the Korean/Black tattoo artist/model, who is the sex kitten of the crew. Kat and Phor have a serious flirtation thang going on. Kat bicc-kat-1026-1has a huge male clientele. Things get real hairy when one of her clients starts talking about her breasts and wanting a date. She immeadiately gets uncomfortable and that is when Ryan and Van burst in the room grab the dude and litterally throw him out of the shop on his A!

Van lived the street life for a long time, and ended up serving time in jail, his life changed when his bicc-van-1026-1daughter, Briyanah, was born.

Briyanah showed Van what life was really about and opened his eyes to his ways of life.

Now, Van lives everyday trying to shield Briyanah from the danger surrounding them on the streets of “Chi-raq”. Van is the third leg of the tripod that makes 9 Mag in Chitown.

He used to tattoo out of his mom’’s house, made a huge name for himself in the tattoo world of Chicago. Eventually, he opened his own place, and not long after, joined up with rivals Ryan and Phor to become a part of 9Mag.

Within the first 5 minutes of Black Ink Crew Chicago, we can already tell this shop is about their business. It makes Black Ink Crew with Ceasar, Dutchess and O’Sh-t look like a amatures when running a business. The players in this series are REAL tattoo artist. There’s NOT a bunch of people hanging out during work hours doing nothing all the time, well so far.

We know that Black Ink Crew Chicago Work Hard and Play Hard – But here is what else happens on tonight’s premiere episode:

-The girls have a pow wow about Don and him being single.

-Ryan and his baby mama, Rachel (who got pregnant by a Chitown rapper on the rise) talk about where they wanna go with their relationship. He wants to be a family to his son Mason, but she wants to just keep it co-parenting for now. Rachel has a line of nail polish that she is focused on and the timing isn’t right just yet.

-Don gets caught red handed by his baby mama, Ashley during a party at 9 Mag.

Watch when Ashley walks in on Charmaine twerking on Don. Things get heated between Ashley and Don as well as Ashley and Charmaine:

-Charmaine gets into a heated argument with Don’s baby mama/girlfriend. But let’s be real she NEEDS to realize that Don is the playa and she NEEDS to be PISSED with him NOT Charmaine!

Watch the drama unfold on the premeire episode of Black Ink Crew Chicago:

What do you think of Black Ink Chicago?

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Meet The Cast of Black Ink Crew Chicago


Meet The Cast of Black Ink Crew Chicago!!!

We gave you a First Look at Black Ink Crew Chicago and now we want you to Meet The Cast of Black Ink Crew Chicago aka 9Mag tattoo parlor in Chicago.

The new Black Ink Crew are top notch – they’re some of the BEST tattoo artists in the game, and they’re all located at 9 Mag Ink tattoo and Piercing. Find out more on the flip…

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