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Stevie J And Benzino Reignite Beef


Stevie J And Benzino Reignite Beef

The bros for life seem to be feuding once again sine Stevie J And Benzino Reignite Beef after Zino found proof that Joseline Hernandez cheated on him with her driver.

On Monday night‘s season finale of LHHATL  Episode 17 Benzino claimed that Joseline was getting smashed by her driver for the past three months. Benzino found proof that Stevie J’s wife Joseline Hernandez cheated on him and he wants to see his homie happy and out of the dead weight relationship.

See Zino found out that  Stevie J and Hernandez’s driver claimed that he slept with Hernandez, although the music producer took to his Twitter to make it clear he didn’t believe the hype.

He wrote:



Durring the episode while Benzino tries to prove Joseline Hernandez cheated on Stevie J with the couple’s driver, he also tweeted during the finale.

Benzino told his followers he was just being “loyal” to his friend.

We understand what Benzino was trying to do, but it never seems to work when someone doesn’t want to hear the truth.

Zino writes:

 “Yall act like [the driver] [didn’t] pull me aside and tell me what was going on…Stevie came to me in real life about all these [guys] and he knew way back! I went and approached them for him alone! tv got yall…Who knew? That being too LOYAL, wa such a bad thing…. #LHHATL”.

In the episode Benzino attempted to tell Stevie J about Hernandez’s promiscuous ways. But it might have been what sparked the end of their friendship. In the end, Hernandez denied the claims, blamed Beznino and warned Stevie J that his friend would “drive you crazy.”

Joseline makes a threat to Stevie about his homie Benzino, she says:

“He’s a b—- and I’m gonna whoop his a– myself.”

Watch Joseline spin the argument on Stevie J:

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Kalenna And Tony Buy Dream Home


Kalenna And Tony Buy Dream Home

Before Kalenna and Tony landed their dream home the couple were spotted scouting for a new house that they can call home for their new family.

The couple happily purchased the new palace, but how much did they pay for their dream house?

Kalena and Tony are settling in their new home and reading for a baby on the way.

On tonight’s episode, Rasheeda and Karlie Redd are there talking about Althea rushing to get married. Rasheeda is supportive but feels its not gonna last while Kalenna roles her eyes and Karlie is a little shocked. Karlie changes things up and talks about Yung Joc after Kalenna asks whens the wedding and she replies with on February 25 of NEVER! LOL!

Watch what you didn’t see on Love and Hip Hop Season 3 Episode 15:

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Benzino Wants A Prenup


Benzino Wants A Prenup!?!

During Althea Hart aka Thi Thi’s showcase on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Kirk Frost and Zino sit down for a drink and a BIG announcement.

Benzino  drops the bomb on Kirk when he tells him that he and Althea are getting married in 2 weeks.  When Kirk hears the news hequickly tells Benzo to get a prenup. He explains that he has a lot to loose and Althea may have her own money, but he needs to protect himself.

Zino agrees and makes a toast to “NO PRENUP!”

The only problem is the tables turn once Thi Thi walks up in her very revealing glitter gown showing off all the curves. Zino aks like a lust puppy and while he’s drooling and talking about their rushed wedding he slips in the word prenup. Althea quickly says “prenup what…?”

Followed by, “I ain’t signing no prenup!!” Althea says “I thought marriage was built on trust,” and then she stands up and does a spin and gets her puppy dog to say no to the prenup. Benzino, like a fool does another toast to “NO PRENUP” and the crowd at the bar cheers to that while Thi Thi sits with a smile on her face. It’s obvious that Althea may be using Benzino.

Hello Opportunist?

Later, while Althea is out with Rasheeda and her mom shopping for wedding dresses she tells the ladies that Benzino wanted a prenup, but she told him she was NOT signing one because she wants to own half of Hip Hop Weekly.

Rasheeda weighs in on her saying she’s not sure what Althea is up to, but she can see that she is trying to secure herself some coinage. Get the full recap of Love and Hip Hop Season 3 Episode 15 here.

Benzino weighed in on Instagram with these posts:


Is Althea an undercover gold digger?

Let us know your thoughts?

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