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Kanye West Had A Reality Show


Kanye West Had A Reality Show:

Kanye West is NOT a reluctant member of reality television … quite the opposite, he was actively involved in reality TV even before he hooked up with Kim Kardashian.

CelebNMusic247.com got the drop via 4UMF.com that Ye had a FAILED reality TV pilot before he hooked up with Kim Kardashian.

TMZ got hold of a failed pilot from 2010 — starring Kanye’s travel agent Brett Grolsch … the self-proclaimed travel agent to the stars.  The pilot is awful, but there’s a big scene with none other than Kanye, schooling the agent on his choice of European flights to the U.S.

And speaking of flying … Kanye has some revealing things to say on why he hates airports … the place that has repeatedly gotten him in serious legal trouble.

Kanye is right at home on reality TV.


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Chantel Christie on BLAST for Lying


Chantel Christie on BLAST for Lying

Jackie Christie’s daughter Chantel Christie got her news from a fan who put her on BLAST on Instagram for lying about her Chantel’s PGP contest and NEVER sending out the gifts!

CelebNMusic247.com came across this photo of Chantel, but the Basketball Wives LA star was out on BLAST for lying to fans about receiving gifts for entering Chantel’s PGP contest two months ago.

Chayenne Nicholas and Chantel Christie got into a heated debate on Instagram ending with Nicholas putting Chantel in check.

According to Chayenne, Chantel made a promise to send her and some other people who entered Chantel’s pampering contest a special gift. Chayenne Nicholas claimed she never received it like she was promise by Chantel Christie.

Checkout Chantel getting thrown under the bus like her mother for all her BS on Basketball Wives LA (photo courtesy of Fameolous):





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Family Hustle: Major’s First Date


Family Hustle: Major’s First Date

Tonight on T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle Major goes on field trip, Tiny’s takes her mom out for a special time since her dad past.

It all starts off with Tip and T.I. playing in the bedroom and that’s when Major asks T.I. to sign his permission slip for his class field trip to the fire house, T.I. goods around with King and Major.

While in the kitchen, Tiny, Niq Niq, Diane, and Latrice make plans with her mom to take her out for a special date. Tiny, her mom and the girls spend some quality time together learning how to paint.

Later Tip shows up while Major is on his field trips his dad shows up and surprises the class. When a doghouse catches on fire in the middle of Major’s class’ tour of the fire house, T.I. helps the firefighters put out the fire.

Then on a special second episode of The Family Hustle Major has his first dance at the Honors Ball.


With some encouragement and coaching from Tiny, Major asks Calla to the Honors Ball. Tiny helps Major get the courage to ask a girl on a date for the class dance for the kids graduation from 1st to 2nd grade. Major gets cold feet.


Papa Harris takes it into his own hands to take his sons to get fitted for a suit for the dance, Major receives girl advice from T.I., Messiah, Domani, and King. It’s time for Major to become a man.


While getting fitted for a suit for the dance, Major receives girl advice from T.I., Messiah, Domani, and King.

Until next week….

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