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Party Down South 2 Recap: Ashton & Barbi Face Off


Party Down South 2 Recap: Ashton & Barbi Face Off?!?

Party Down South Recap: The Bradley Mitchell, Ashton Mosley, and Raven ‘Barbi’ Stein love triangle hit a whole new levelas Ashton & Barbi Face Off on The fourth of July.

This episode things pick up where we last left off as the cast mates hold an emotional house intervention for Ashton who finally bids farewell to her ex back at home. The most interesting part of the intervention is when Barbi gives her a hug and says “I Love you.”


It makes us question Barbi, asking, “is this girl bipolar?”

Once we get past the intervention, the crew heads up to the woods for a real redneck style 4th of July muddin, wheeling, BBQ‘in, drinking and twerking by bonfires. Ashton shows all the guys that she can shake her money maker, while Karynda Worcester and Magan Ladner role around in a mud whole.

While Ashton’s Milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, even Bradley, who secretly is crushin on her and Barbi knows it. Instead of being a secure woman, Barbi’s insecurities take over so she drinks herself sick while Bradley can’t take his eyes off Ashton’s booty.

Barbi demands to go back to the weekend cabin so Ashton hitches a ride. On the ride back in the cab, Ashton is non-stop talking pissing Barbi off, so Barbi goes in for the kill throwing punches and kicking Ashton. Bradley tries to break up the mele in the backseat, but he can’t. Once they arrive at the cabin, Ashton and Barbi face off for a throw down beat down fight on the 4th of July.

The Crazy part is no one can tell if Barbi even knows why she’s fighting?

Ashton is just defending herself from bipolar Barb, while Bradley just wants it all to end. After the fight, Raven aka Barbi gets dirty and grabs a gallon of milk and dumps it all over Ashton’s clothes. She is so wrong for that.

Later the crew gets back home only to come in on the aftermath. Find out all the deets when you watch Party Down South 2 Ep. 109: Got Milk:

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Meet The New Sisters Taking Over Reality TV

Meet The New Sisters Taking Over Reality TV!!!

If you’ve been watching WeTV then you know that The Rucker Sisters of Love Thy Sister are the New Sisters Taking Over Reality TV!

Not only are they fun to watch like The Braxton Family Values or Keeping Up with The Kardashians, these sisters bring their own style of excitement to reality TV. Love Thy Sister is one of the more positive reality series that focuses on professional black women living their lives, dating, juggling their business and being moms. There are eight siblings’ total, but only Ruby, Ellen and Ione are on the show. Thought you will meet their brother Aaron and their mom this season.

The sisters are all partners of their company Rucker Roots, a unique natural blend of root extract from our Earth’s soil that stimulates the scalp, moistures for healthier and longer hair.


Let us introduce you to the fabulous Rucker Sisters of The Carolina’s, Lancaster, and South Caroling to be exact:Ruby-Rucker-love-thy-sister-0127-1

First there is and Ruby King Rucker, who will do anything for her sisters and her family. She is the wife of Ford Sawyer Cooper of 14 years and the mother of their three beautiful children: Ford Jr., Riley Elizabeth, and Elle Carole. She has already been judged for her parenting skills, but if you watch the series then you would know that what’s being said on Twitter is all wrong.

Stay connected to Ruby King Rucker:

Twitter-Desktop-icon  Facebook-Icon  instagram-icon or check her out at Wetv.comTheruckersisters.com/ruby, RuckerRoots.com

Ruby is a Spelman College Alumni and worked or Primetime Omnimedia, a strategic marketing company, who serviced high-profile clients such as Michael Lee Chin, Ted Turner, and Russell Simmons. In 1996, Ruby started law school and in 1999 she received a Juris Doctorate Degree from The University of South Carolina School of Law.

Ellen-Rucker-Carter-love-thy-sister-0127-1Next, is Ellen Rucker Carter, the second youngest youngest child of Dr. Douglas and Mrs. Ruby Rucker of the Rucker eight. You might know Ellen, since she is the ex-wife of Vince Carter, who currently plays in the NBA for the Dallas Mavericks. She and Vince were college sweethearts unfortunately they divorced in 2007, but they share a beautiful daughter together, Kai. Thankfully Vince and Ellen have maintained a wonderful friendship and co-parenting environment.

Stay connected to Ellen Rucker Carter:

Twitter-Desktop-icon  Facebook-Icon  instagram-icon or check her out at Wetv.comTheruckersisters.com/Ellen, RuckerRoots.com

Ellen decided to put on her entrepreneur hat taking a leave of absence from her chiropractic practice to pursue a career in hair care with her new business venture, Rucker Roots. She and her sisters are partners in Rucker Roots, but Ellen looks forward to becoming an innovator in the hair care market with natural products made from the roots of her father’s garden. Rucker Roots falls right in line with her family’s entrepreneurial legacy.

Lastly, is the baby of the family, Ione Rucker, the upbeat, fun, and loves to do some shopping sister. Ione is the Ione-Rucker-love-thy-sister-0127-1ex-wife of NBA veteran, Antawn Jamison, they remain great friends, and successfully co-parent their three beautiful children, Kathryn Elizabeth, Antwan Jr, and Rucker King. Ione and Antawn respectfully parted ways, divorcing.

Stay connected to Ione Rucker:

Twitter-Desktop-icon  Facebook-Icon  instagram-icon or check her out at Wetv.comTheruckersisters.com/Ione, RuckerRoots.com

Ione is an educator and remains focused on in educating others by participating in community outreach and mentoring programs. She worked alongside the NBA Wives organization and hosted various events in Dallas, Washington, DC, and her hometown of Lancaster, SC.

On Love Thy Sister, Ione is back on the dating train and if you’ve been watching she might have met Mr Right or Not? He’s a doctor and her brother, Aarons best friend, but you have to watch the show to find out what happens with the outdoorsman and the shopper.

The Rucker Sisters of Love Thy Sister can been seen on WeTV, Thursday’s at 10PM.

Here is a sneak peek to Episode 4 of Love Thy Sister:

If you missed the first 3 Episodes then you can catch them on On Demand or WeTV. We are loving Love Thy Sister, the new sisters taking over reality TV.


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Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams Split


Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams Split!?!

Wow, we didn’t see this coming! It’s a parting of the way after five-and-a-half years of marriage since Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams Split.

CelebNMusic247.com has just got word via ET who has confirmed that Mandy Moore. 30, and Ryan Adams, 40, have filed for divorce.


Here is the hot tea spilling:

The couple’s reps said in a joint statement to ET:

“Ryan Adams and Mandy Moore have mutually decided to end their marriage of almost 6 years.”

“It is a respectful, amicable parting of ways. Both Ryan and Mandy ask that the media respect their privacy at this time.”

Moore, whose recent credits include Tangled and Red Band Society, and Adams began dating in 2008 before getting engaged in February 2009. They married a month later on March 10, 2009 in Savannah, Ga.

This was the first marriage for both and now their first divorce. 

At least it’s a first for both of them….

Sorry to hear it didn’t work out for Moore and Adams.

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