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Nicki Minaj Choose Career Over Safaree


Nicki Minaj Choose Career Over Safaree!

It appears that Nicki Minaj had to make some hard choices when it came to being an accomplished in the hip hop game, Nicki Minaj Choose Career Over Safaree.

Nicki Minaj’s split from on and off again boyfriend Safaree Samuels has been a nasty one, but in a new special for MTV she reveals she actually turned down his proposal for the sake of her music career.


VH1 writes:

On her song “All Things Go”, Minaj addresses having an abortion in high school with her then boyfriend Aaron at 15:

“My child with Aaron would’ve have been 16 any minute.” According to Billboard, the rapper speaks on the loss of her unborn child in her upcoming documentary, saying, “We made a terrible mistake. We had to pay for it. I always felt like my destiny was to be accomplished in my career first, and then be a mother.” She also talks about being in a relationship for 11 years with (now ex-boyfriend) Safaree Samuels and how she turned down his proposal to devote her energy to the hip hop game.

The public is so used to seeing the fearless side of Minaj that viewers will be completely taken back by the secrets, people and events she has decided to reveal in My Time Again, which aired on Sunday, January 18th at 10pm/9C.

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Pacman Jones Ordered To Pay 12.4 Million To Club Victims


Pacman Jones Ordered To Pay 12.4 Million To Club Victims!?!

Back  in 2007 Adam Pacman Jones was involved in a Las Vegas strip club shooting and now the NFL DB Pacman Jones Ordered To Pay 12.4 Million To Club Victims!

At the time of the shooting Jones was apart of the Tennessee Titans at the time but is now with Cincinnati Bengals and has stayed out of trouble for the most part. However, Jones still remains liable for $12.4 million in damages to victims of the shooting.


CelebNMusic247.com has learned via IFWT that the Nevada Supreme Court upheld a prior ruling and has ordered the NFL defensive back Adam “Pacman” Jones to pay up!

Jones wasn’t the gunman. But the unanimous state high court ruling, issued Thursday, upheld a jury’s finding that he instigated the violence (he threw money at the strippers which started the fight) and was responsible to pay some $11.2 million to Tommy Urbanski and his ex-wife, Kathy, and $1.3 million to Urbanski’s former co-worker Aaron Cudworth.

The civil trial jury in June 2012 found Jones liable for assault, battery, false imprisonment and intentional infliction of emotional distress against Cudworth.

But the same jury found Jones wasn’t liable for assault, battery and imprisonment in Urbanski’s case. The damages awarded to the Urbanskis were for medical costs, loss of earnings and infliction of distress.

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Meet The Cast of Party Down South 2


Meet The Cast of Party Down South 2:

Buckle up Party Down South fans but CMT has a whole new crew of Southerners that are ready to get wild for the camera so let us has you Meet The Cast of Party Down South 2!

There is No Lil Bit or Daddy in this crew! Instead its time to introduce you to the new Party Down South redneck that are ready to get crunk for the cameras. Learn a thing or two about each of the eight roommates as they paint a picture of their redneck lives.

CelebNMusic247.com would like you to meet the 8 new partiers in the new PDS2: Ashton, Bradley, Duke, Hunter, Karynda, Magan, Raven and Tommy.


We can’t have a Party Down South without a Preachers daughter so let us introduce to you, Ashton the girl who loves Jesus and Whiskey equally. And like most Preachers daughters, what mom and dad don’t know won’t hurt:

Checkout the hunky redneck who goes by the name of Bradley, the lover, the drinker, the partier, who just broke up with his fiance and ladies he’s ready to get his party on. He plans on making horrible decisions:

Then there is Duke who is ready to play hard because he works hard. He’s prides himself on being 100% Country:

Next is the hot headed Kentucky grown Hunter who believes fishing is the best sport in the world. – Oh yeah he has a girlfriend right now, but we will see how it plays out after the season airs:

Next up is North Carolina’s girl Karynda who claims that drinking is her life. She loves to triple fist, yes triple fist:

We’re NOT done yet because we have Magan the wildest person at the party. She’s a single dancer who quotes the RHONJ Twins”Watchout Here Comes Trouble.”

Next is Folsom Louisanna Southern Belle, Raven who is used to getting what she wants, so we know she’s bringing the drama:

Last but NOT least is Arkansas Fireman Tommy, who prides himself that he carries a big hose and love to have premarital sex. Oh yeah he loves to work out:

Party Down South 2 Kicks off their season one on Thursday November 20th at 9/8c on CMT.

Will you be watching? We Will!

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