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Kat and Ryan In Heated Fight On Black Ink Crew Chicago

Since Kat went to New York to the Tattoo Convention her 9Mag team has turned on her and now Kat and Ryan In Heated Fight On Black Ink Crew Chicago.

CelebNMusic247.com has the tea on the upcoming episode of Black Ink Crew Chicago…

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Black Ink Crew Chicago Star Don Has Secret Love Child


Black Ink Crew Chicago Star Don Has Secret Love Child!!!

A woman be the name of Whitney is CALLING Black Ink Crew Chicago Star Don A Deadbeat Dad claiming that Don Has Secret Love Child with her and she wants him to pay up!

If you’ve been watching Black Ink Crew Chicago then you noticed that the tall, sexy, chocolate bearded drop, best known as Don, a former College baller on his way to the NBA is now an assistant to his bro Phor at 9Mag.

CelebNmusic247.com has some hot tea to spill:

The irresistable Don is a box office draw for all the ladies in Chitown, because the baby daddy already got himself in trouble with castmate Charmaine on the first episode in the bathroom. And if you’ve been watch then you know that Don has a baby mama at home by the name of Ashley and she’s about that life. On Monday’s episode she face off with Charmaine and when she learned that Don hit that she got up in Charmaine’s @ss smacking her in the face.

With that said, CelebNMusic247.com has just learned that Don is a playa playa because now a woman by the name of Whitney Womack, he ex college girlfriend is putting him on BLAST for knocking her up and not claiming their baby girl, who actually looks just like him.

Whitney Womack claims that she met Don back in 2008 and then started messing with him in 2011. They ended up dating on and off up until April of 2014 when they split. Nine months later Whitney gave birth to their baby girl, but since then she’s been raising her daughter as a single mom since Don is stepping up to the plate.

Now that Don is on Black Ink Crew Chicago she is BLASTING him on social media letting him know that the baby is his. She can back her claims with photos of Don and her daughter. She has Don’s eyes, but the problem is Whitney and Don split in April of 2014 and he’s been with Ashley, who has a 2-year-old son with Don.

That means that he was cheating on Ashley with Whitney – and if you watched this weeks episode Ashley admits that Don has cheated on her before, so we wonder if the woman is Whitney.

We wonder if Ashley has read the blogs yet to find out that their son has a sister?

Check the proof below posted by Whitney:




Whitney continues to BLAST Don with more photos:




She concludes by pointing out:


What do you think of Black Ink Crew Chicago Star Don Having a Secret Love Child?

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Meet The Cast of Black Ink Crew Chicago


Meet The Cast of Black Ink Crew Chicago!!!

We gave you a First Look at Black Ink Crew Chicago and now we want you to Meet The Cast of Black Ink Crew Chicago aka 9Mag tattoo parlor in Chicago.

The new Black Ink Crew are top notch – they’re some of the BEST tattoo artists in the game, and they’re all located at 9 Mag Ink tattoo and Piercing. Find out more on the flip…

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