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Blue Ivy Rocks $50,000 Blue Crown

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(CelebNMusic247-NewsBlue Ivy Rocks $50,000 Blue Crown

Jay-Z and Beyonce are obviously teaching their daughter Blue Ivy Carter that she is a royal princess!

Like Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise‘s over the top fashion hungry daughter Suri, Blue Ivy is coming in a close second for elaborate gifts too soon, too early and too young.

No offense to any of the parents we named, but do any of them realizes that they are creating little monsters! If they think their demands are cute wait till these girls are 12 to 17.

We know darn well Jay-Z didn’t have a silver spoon in his mouth. Nor did Beyonce, Katie or Tom Cruise and it made all these stars have drive to become the celebrities they are today.

Teaching a child that they can have everything they want teaches them nothing. What happens when your all gone and their left to fin for themselves? If you don’t put a living trust that pays them monthly they’ll be like most rich kids who have no respocibility, no drive and no dicipline and most likey burn all the hard money you all earned to make their lives better.

You all need to talk to your parents and get some real tips on parenting, because they did something right with all of you because you have made it. Your drive, ambition and hard work paid off.

What can your daughters say, when mommy and daddy teach them materialism is right?

Here’s the drop via 4UMF:

Beyonce posted a photo of her daughter Blue Ivy rocking a $50,000 crown her parents gave her.

So now we know who wears the crown in their household.

If you were rich like Beyonce and Jay or Katie and Tom, would you teach them that materialism is a good thing?

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50 Cent Posts Bizarre Series of Tweet’s


(CelebNMusic247-News50 Cent Posts Bizarre Series of Tweet’s

Last night, G-Unit leader and Boxing Manager, 50 Cent took to his Twitter posting a bizzare set of Tweet’s the alerted fans.

Although 50 won’t say too much about the developments of his personal life, his recent tweets sound as if he may be going through some things. Some think he may have just lost some close to him by an act of violence, but there hasn’t been any confirmations made by his camp that he is mourning the passing of a loved one.

It’s also possible he is reliving a death or just reliving his past as a street dude. In a series of cryptic tweets, he writes (FYI, he always tags his tweets with SMS Audio, his version of Beats by Dre headphones) . – UrbanbelleMag

Check the Tweet’s:



Although it comes off like Fif was trash talking, he did some sites questioning his sanity, even us. Later he posted a photo to promote his upcoming birthday bash on July 5th.

Here’s the photo:


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Lil Wayne Addresses Flag Stomping Footage

Lil Wayne Disrespects American Flag-617-2

(CelebNMusic247-NewsLil Wayne Addresses Flag Stomping Footage

The YMCMB rap star, Lil Wayne is speaking out after the media went on the attack against him for stepping all over the American Flag.

The has been a FIRESTORM of controversy since the footage surfaced and has been continuing to build online after Weezy was seen walking back and forth on our flag of Independence.

The flag which Wayne says he did NOT intentionally step on, symbolizes The 50 stars on the flag represent the 50 states of the United States of America and the 13 stripes represent the thirteen British colonies that declared independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain and became the first states in the Union.

Despite what appeared to be a brazen disrespect for the flag, Wayne says that the whole thing was an accident. He tweeted that he didn’t intentionally try to to stomp on anything.

Wayne tweeted:

What do you feel about the footage?

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