T.I. Is “Disappointed” in Bow Wow; Intervention A BUST

T.I. Is "Disappointing" in Bow Wow; Intervention A BUST

T.I., Nelly and Jermaine Dupri had to st down Bow Wow to teach him how to be a grown man and stop acting like a spoiled little boy when it comes to talking smack.

Read on to see how T.I., Nelly and Jermaine Dupri intervention went with Bow Wow because the boy doesn’t know how to be quiet and listen when being given advice. See how T.I. Is “Disappointed” in Bow Wow…

CelebNMusic247.com reports that Bow Wow was on the receiving end of T.I.’s “I’m not mad, just disappointed” speech a few nights ago when the men in the group tried to talk some sense into Shad Moss.

Why does Shad Moss continue to act like that little boy he used to be back in that day. #SMH  –  You can clearly see that T.I. is “Disappointed” in Bow Wow.

See, it all started a few days back, when Bow Wow hit the stage for a nightclub performance, where he proceeded to overstep his boundaries by a smidge. In the midst of his Ciara collaboration “Like U,” Bow Wow took a moment to reflect on his previous relationship with the singer, boasting that he “had that bitch first.”

How T.I., Nelly and Jermaine Dupri intervention went with Bow Wow:

This is why hip hop OG’s T.I., Nelly and Jermaine Dupri gave him a moment of tough love following a notable gaffe. Bow Wow was deemed worthy of a stern talking-to, Tip harris tried to give him some much NEEDED dad advice.

Of course, Bow Wow vainly attempts to plead his case in unintelligible fashion.

So T.I. had to let him have it straight:

You can’t do that!… That is irrelevant!

He continues while Bow Wow refuses to shut up and listen, saying:

If I dropped your ass off and never came back, and this n***a raised you from then to now. what you switch SIDES for!

Luckily, Nelly was there to play the role of “good parent” in the partnership, choosing to pacify the situation with a hug.

The only problem is Nelly’s attention was swiftly diverted once a massive blunt came into play which had him quickly leave Bow Wow to T.I.

Bottom line T.I. abstained from hugging Bow Wow. There’s a lesson to be learned here: loose lips do indeed sink ships.

And as for Bow Wow. He learned nothing.

In case you missed the footage, we got you thanks to @8hunnit_productions:

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