T.I. Confirms He Had a Baby with Side Piece


T.I. Confirms He Had a Baby with Side Piece

For months T.I. and Tiny Harris were on the rocks after Tiny found out that he had a baby with another woman turning their happy marriage upside down. 

There have been numerous reports that the T.I. and Tiny the Family hustle stars were on the outs and possibly divorcing.  CelebNMusic247.com got the word that Tip is no longer living in the house with Tiny and his family. Last week an inside source to his camp told us that T.I. is renting a condo downtown Atlanta, close to the studio so her can focus on his upcoming project.

We were also told Tip is claiming that he and Tiny are NOT divorcing and that he is only renting the condo so he doesn’t have to commute.

Tiny has been going on record to the media saying that the gossip is false and nothing is wrong with their marriage.  Tiny even went on “The Arsenio Hall Show” recently and denied that her marriage to T.I. is on the rocks, but it appears she and her hubby aren’t on the same page.

T.I. adds more truth to the marriage being on the outs by rapping about their marital problems on a new track with Jhene Aiko and it sounds like he may have confirmed that he did indeed have a baby with another woman. The baby mama drama is coming to the forefront in the remix of Jhene Aiko’s “The Worst (Remix)” he raps:

Well maybe I’ma just go spend $4 mill on crib…

All the kids wanna know where they little brother’s at
Got damn I ain’t even told my mother yet.
Yeah, I know I was clowning
I know you wasn’t just going to take that laying down and
I’ll be the first to say it, I was dead wrong…
But if it isn’t worth shooting me in the head don’t
take to social to try me
Putting folk all in our BI all on IG
Nah, I don’t believe it, I don’t wanna see it
Maybe I wake up tomorrow it’ll be deleted
You out the country in bikinis on beaches
While I’m in the studio doing features like…

CelebNMusic247.com knows this can go one of two ways, either T.I. will deny this verse of he will own up the daughter with a side piece.

We’ll keep you posted and will now cover this since there is some new evidence has surfaced confirming that the rumors are more true that the couple wants to admit.

Check the verse: