Sundy Carter BLASTS Brandi Maxiell’s Husband

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Sundy Carter BLASTS Brandi Maxiell’s Husband

Talk about selling your soul for reality TV, now Basketball Wives LA star Sundy Carter is EXPOSING Brandi Maxiell’s Husband, Jason for his cheating ways!

This group of Basketball Wives LA are vicious and apparently will stop an nothing to take each other down! #MessyGirls #SorryNOTSorry

Sundy Carter seems to be an open book and when it comes to bagagge she has no problem admitting that she has a criminal past, slept with a married man and has a love child with a NBA player other than her husband. has realized that Sundy is the messiest newbie on Basketball Wives LA and she is continuing her mess parade BLASTING Brandi Maxiell’s husband Jason. .

Despite the fact that the Basketball Wives LA newbie very public beef with Draya that even led to a shouting match at a Pre Oscars party, it appears that she also has a bone to pick with Brandi Maxiell.

The other day both had a Twitter beef for whatever reason, and Sundy decided to hit below the belt. Sundy put Brandi’s husband Jason Maxiell of the Orlando Magic on BLAST, claiming that he’s allegedly been sleeping with her friends:



Damn Sundy how did you get all that tea?

This sounds like it may just be a RUMOR, but if this plays out to be true will keep you posted…



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