Suge Knight’s Fiancée Toi-Lin Kelly Sentenced 3 Years In Prison

Suge Knight’s Fiancée Sentenced 3 Years In Prison


Things are going from bad to worse for Suge Knight and his family, because now his fiancee has just been sentenced to 3-years in prison.

It appears Suge Knight will be reunited with his fiancée Toi-Lin Kelly for the next 3-years in prison while he continues to wait behind bars for his murder trial in April. Read on…

Suge Knight’s Fiancée Toi-Lin Kelly Sentenced 3 Years In Prison has the latest developments regarding Suge Knight and his family. Now it appears that Suge’s Fiancée Toi-Lin Kelly will be joining him behind bars.

Now, Suge’s fiancee Toi-Lin Kelly, will be joining her husband-to-be in inmate status.

If you recall, last year, Kelly was accused of selling surveillance footage that was connected to Suge’s trial to TMZ for $55,000. She plead no contest to the charge and was sentenced to 5 years’ probation among other things.

On Friday, a judge found Kelly guilty of indirectly communicating with Suge to set up and interview for BET’s new Death Row documentary. Part of her probation was that she was to refrain from any communication with the former music mogul.

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According to NYDailyNews:

Judge Douglas Sortino sentenced the ride-or-die chick to death. Well, not literally, but he did give her 3 years in prison for her “blatant” and “jaw-dropping” violation.

To make matters worse, Toi-Lin and Suge have an 8-year-old son together who will now be without BOTH parents.

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What are your thoughts on this? Who will be taking care of their son? Hopefully he can be kept with the family and not put into foster care.

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