Suge Knight Says Bye Felicia to Lawyer #4

Once again the former Death Row Records head honcho is stuck behind bars since Suge Knight Says Bye Felicia to Lawyer #4!!! has the latest details in regards to Suge Knight…


Did you hear, Suge Knight Says Bye Felicia to Lawyer #4?

Another lawyer bites the dust! has learned that Suge Knight said goodbye to lawyer #4 Thursday morning, when Tom Mesereau left the case.

According to hearsay, Suge and Mesereau had a bitter disagreement over confidential information.

What caused Suge Knight’s lawyer to step?

Sources say that Suge claims the info made its way to authorities and he became enraged.

Here is the twist, according to TMZ, who was allowed to bring cameras into the courtroom. Maybe the judge wanted to document Suge’s actions and the way he acts in the courtroom. However, things went left and they pulled the plug a minute after Suge’s case was called and then cleared the entire courtroom so no member of the media or public could hear the reason for the lawyer/client split.


Strange right?

What are they hiding?

Mesereau is one of the top criminal defense lawyers in L.A. who won acquittals for Michael Jackson and Robert Blake. Sounds like Suge just lost his ticket out of the pen.

As for, Tom Mesereau, he’s on to the next and NOT available for comment.

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