Suge Knight Petition Surfaces, Asking For Support

Suge Knight Petition For His Release Surfaces

Suge Knight petition surfaces! The petition is asking for support since Knight has been locked up for the death of Terry Carter.

Suge Knight‘s son Suge J Knight wrote an open letter about his father back in March stating his father was being neglected. Read on and get more details on the Suge Knight Petition

Suge Knight Petition For His Release Surfaces


As time passes, Suge Knight’s health has continued to worsen. Meanwhile, a report surfaced in March stating that Tupac was just collateral damage.

Which leads us to the Suge Knight Petition that states that Mr. Knight is a political prisoner whose constitutional rights are being violated.

The Suge Knight petition reads as follows:

Suge Knight’s accolades within his musical pursuits made history within the Hip-Hop community. Death Row Records created legendary artist and records. Suge Knight has been a continued mentor within the community and has continued generosity quietly without fanfare. Since day one, Mr. Knight has used his musical achievements to give back to the community, supporting local charities by raising awareness and participating in fundraising activities and events…

…One of the most tragic events in the history of modern music, was the 1996 shooting of musician Tupac Shakur and Mr. Knight, which occurred while they were driving to a charitable event that raised money to keep children away from violence. Tupac died from his wounds six days later.

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Here is a letter about explaining the Suge Knight Petition:

To: Los Angeles Commission

Dear Sirs,

Mr. Knight is a political prisoner and his constitutional rights are being violated. Everyone’s arguments against Mr. Knight, are based off of personal opinions, and the fictional information found in the media.

Mr. Knight has been subject to attack and slander from the media since he became known in the early 90s, but has tried to keep his personal life private, despite the paparazzi intrusion. Although, his children, and family members have also been subject to slander and harassment from the media, and public who have built an opinion based off the way he is portrayed in the media. (Example 1, Example 2, Example 3).

This website has been set-up to allow people who have witnessed all of the good Mr. Knight has done for the community, to show their support.

Sincerely, Team.


What are your thoughts on the Suge Knight Petition?