Suge Knight: Nipsey Hussle Was A Target Being Loyal to The Hood

Suge Knight: Nipsey Hussle Was A Target Being Loyal to The Hood

The incarcerated music mogul Suge Knight has an interesting perspective on why Nipsey Hussle was shot and killed in front of his business.

According to Suge Knight, Nipsey Hussle made himself a target being loyal to the hood. Read on…

Suge Knight: Nipsey Hussle Was A Target Being Loyal to The reports that Nipsey Hussle was caught between enormous success and love for his neighborhood, like many other rappers, and that ultimately cost him his life.

The former Death Row Records CEO Suge Knight weighed in on Nipsey’s tragic death. His memorial on Thursday was a celebration of his life, but still, his family, friends, and fans who loved him are missing him.

Meanwhile, Suge offers his own insight into the rap stars murder stating:

A lot of artists like Nipsey have the same problem that I had. We are too loyal to our neighborhood.” He says, even though you have enough money to move, you want to stay on the block because “when you go around Hollywood it’s all watered down.

The former Death Row Records mogul — who’s still sitting in L.A. County Jail awaiting trial for murder said

I loved to go back to his hood to “get chili cheese fries and strawberries and talk to my lil homies.

But h points out some FACTS:

When you do that you need those homies to “help you survive.”

Knight makes a controversial statement when he insinuated that it is clear the people closest to Nipsey could have done more to keep him safe.

Suge who was reminded of Nipsey death being very much like Tupac’s because of the way they both died but also how they lived.

Knight concluded by saying:

I feel that Nipsey was trying to follow the same Tupac manual to the community. He came together with YG like Snoop did with Tupac.

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