Suge Knight Signs Over Life Rights To Ray J

Suge Knight Signs Over Life Rights To Ray J Knight Signs Over Life Rights To Ray J!

Yes, you heard correctly, Suge Knight will more than likely spend the rest of his life in prison, and he doesn’t want to go out a broke man so he’s turned to Ray J. Read on to get more details on Suge Knight Life Rights...

Suge Knight Signs Over Life Rights To Ray J has learned that sources close to the former Death Row Records boss say that he has signed over his life rights to Ray J.

According to sources Suge Knight is entrusting Ray J to cash in on his name by making the right decisions with Suge’s story and make some money for him and his family while he’s behind bars.

Suge Knight has been friends with Ray J for decades and trusts his business acumen and ability to choose the right projects for film, TV, book publications and more.

Word is, a documentary on Suge and his famous record label are already being developed, as well as a project about Tupac Shakur. There are also talks that there is the possibility of bringing Death Row back.

According to TMZ, Suge’s letting J take the reins on exploring the venture which could equal big bucks for his bank account. This is a nice follow-up to the lucrative $1 million deal he inked in August to get people to invest in the weed biz.

Now, Ray J is in charge of 2 major enterprises – plus his side hustle headphones and scooter industries.

Meanwhile, Suge is serving hard time for at least the next decade.

In 10 + years, if Ray J succeeds, Suge could be getting out of prison and stepping into millions once again.

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