Suge Knight Has Possible Brain Tumor

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Suge Knight Has Possible Brain Tumor!?!

On Friday, Marion Suge Knight was once again DENIED a reduction of his $10 million dollar bail but now it’s been revealed that Suge Knight Has Possible Brain Tumor! has this update on the former mogul’s new Tom Mesereau filed docs recently requesting his client be moved to a new cell in Los Angeles County jail, for both medical and sanity reasons via TMZ.

Knight has claimed that his toilet is driving him crazy in his jail cell, but could it be a tumor that is causing his disturbance?

Here is this report:

Specifically, Suge’s lawyer claims he’s going crazy because the toilet in his cell flushes every 20 minutes, on its own, 24 hours a day.


Furthermore, his bed isn’t long enough, because he’s 6’2″.

Lastly, Mesereau says Suge suffers from numbness on one entire side of his body and doctors have told him he might have a brain tumor. So, he wants access to a competent medical facility.

He’s currently locked up on $10 million bail.