Suge Knight Girlfriend Toi-Lin Kelly Pleads No Contest

Suge Knight Girlfriend Toi-Lin Kelly Pleads No Contest

We previously told you that Suge Knight and his attorney’s were gearing up for his legal battle a couple weeks back. Well, here is what’s been happening in court, since Suge Knight girlfriend Toi-Lin Kelly, has pleaded no contest.

She is denying conspiracy of selling video footage that saw Suge Knight run over two men in his truck during the filming a promo for Straight Outta Compton. Read on about Suge Knight girlfriend…

Suge Knight Girlfriend Toi-Lin Kelly Pleads No Contest

Photo by AP: Toi-Lin Kelly has received word that Suge Knight’s girlfriend, Toi-Lin Kelly has been sentenced to 100 hours of community service.

Toi-Lin Kelly also has to pay $55,000 to the Compton hamburger stand that provided the video surveillance. Luckily Toi managed to dodge a more severe sentence. In case you didn’t know, she was initially facing up to three years in prison.

Suge Knight Trying Pin Shooting on Dr Dre

It was previously reported that Toi-Lin and her business partner, Mark Blankenship, allegedly knew that the tapes were forbidden from public release due to a court order. But that didn’t stop them, especially since TMZ has revealed that the duo were making deals with the website just two weeks after the incident happened in January of 2015. They were selling the footage for $55k.

Suge Knight and Attorney Accused of Bribery

What, did they think TMZ wouldn’t throw them under the bus for illegal sales? Com’on now, TMZ [Harvey and Warner Bros.] is gonna save their own ass in a situation like this. What is even more sad is that Suge Knight girlfriend, Toi-Lin had said in a text message to a TMZ rep, “I can’t wait to get this video to you.”

Her partner Mark is also facing conspiracy charges but details on his case have not been revealed.

If you recall, Suge’s hit and run left one man seriously injured, Cle Sloan, and killed his friend, Terry Carter. He is currently facing murder and attempted murder charges where he pleads not guilty.

Suge Knight Tried To Have Eminem Killed

We previously reported that Suge still believes that his former partner that helped make Death Row Records a success, Dr. Dre hired a hitman to have him killed around the same time. A man by the name of Dwayne Johnson (NOT THE ROCK) told Suge and a private investigator that it was “blood money” in exchange for a hit on Suge’s life.

Suge Knight Accuses Dr. Dre of Setting Him Up

Dr. Dre’s legal team call the accusations “absurd” and have chosen not to respond any further.

Suge continues to try and distract and derail the focus of the legal battle.

Suge Knight Seeks Delay In Hit-And-Run Murder Trial

Has he ever thought that maybe his dark past is catching up with him? Who knows. We’ll keep you posted on details as they come in.

Do you believe that Suge Knight girlfriend should have gotten off so easy? Should Suge Knight girlfriend have been punished harder by the judge?