Suge Knight First Photo In Prison

First Photo Of Suge Knight In Months

Suge Knight First Photo In Prison?

According to speculation Marion “Suge” Knight has blown up, and now weighs a reported 400 pounds. Read on and take a look at Suge Knight Prison Photo…


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New Deathrow 2020

A post shared by Suge (Jacob) Knight (@sugejknight) on reports For the last couple of weeks, Suge Knight’s son Jacob has been taking advantage of his father’s notoriety trying to gain clout.

Jacob has been going out of his way teasing an Eminem diss track and then taking back his previous claims, noting that it’s “So Disrespectful” to drop. Did you notice how he’s playing on 50 Cent’s song featuring Eminem?

Anyways, while Jacob denies being a clout chaser, his sister Arion Knight went to go visit their father in prison in San Diego.

What many have noticed in the photo is that the 6’2″ 54-year-old and former CEO of Death Row Records, who is currently serving 28 years in prison. looks to be massive.

Some websites are claiming that Suge Knight is 100 lbs heavier.

Suge is currently serving 28 years in prison, after pleading no contest to manslaughter for the death of former rap music label owner Terry Carter.

It doesn’t look like he’s been lifting in the yard, but he sure looks to be putting a fork to mouth.

Despite Jacob’s antics feuding with Eminem, Arion is keeping her energy positive, seeing her pops in prison to show us all what he’s looking like these days.

Draped in his blue jumpsuit and a pair of dark sunglasses, Suge looked straight into the camera as Arion stood beside him, embracing her father and smiling for the shot.


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we said: #update #hesgoodstill ???

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