Suge J Knight: Tupac Still Alive; Death was Hoax

Suge J Knight Claims Tupac is Still Alive; Death was Hoax

This past week, Davina Barnes and Marion Suge Knight’s son Suge J Knight has been posting a series of photos and messages that rapper Tupac Shakur is indeed still alive.

Suge J Knight, born Taj Knight even posted a video that was taken just days ago of a man who resembles rapper Tupac. Read on to watch and get more deets… is not sure how to take this, but Suge J Knight is on a mission to expose that the hip-hop world was fooled into believing Tupac died back in 1996.

Suge J Knight, whose real name is Taj Knight, is claiming that its all propaganda and that Tupac is still alive and living somewhere other than America.

In addition to his claims, Suge J. Knight made numerous references to the involvement of the Illuminati alleging that Tupac passing in 96 is a cover-up of. He is claiming that Tupac lived after being shot to several times in Las Vagas back and dying in a hospital. Suge Jr also said he was ‘not on drugs’ when raising the jarring allegations.

Taj Knight said:

I know the truth behind this night.

We are dumbfounded by his allegations so we are just reporting the latest news taken from Suge Jr’s social media. He also showed a man who looked like an older incarnation of the “California Love” rapper posed in a selfie. Then with Beyonce and 50 Cent. The problem is Bey and Fif are young as F–k and anyone would have to be stupid to believe any of this horse s–t.

Bottom line, Suge J Knight is determined for hip-hop heads to believe his truth because it’s on social media. It seems like Suge Jr is trying to stir up buzz so he can post a TV series “Searching for Tupac” kind of like Tom Arnold’s ‘The Hunt for the Trump Tapes.

The 27-year-old posted a series statements saying:

I’ll tell more what I know to expose the Illuminati but I’ll need your help to end them. I’m telling you guys it’s a reason why I’m exposing them. This shit is real.

He goes on to say that Tupac is living in a cave in Malaysia?

From my Malaysia source, Pac was last seen in a cave here. I’ll update us some more.

So now we are supposed to believe that Pac is a mystical creature? Or is he the new bigfoot? Come on man? We are NOT buying any of this. Check this clip #SMH:


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From my Malaysia source Pac was last seen in a cave here. I’ll update us some more #killuminati #sugejknight #maylasia ??

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If Pac is in Malaysia, then why did Suge continue to say he’s got a team looking for Pac, if already knows where he is? #SMH

I Got my team with me. A few experts that been tracking Pac down for decades now.

Really? It appears you and your friends are hella bored and need something to do so Suge and his team are trying to make a show for TV.


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I Got my team with me. A few experts that been tracking Pac down for decades now.

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Here are several posts from Taj Knight claiming Tupac’s death was a hoax:

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