Suge J Knight: “They Robbed My Father Suge Knight Out of Life”

Suge J Knight: "They Robbed My Father Suge Knight Out of Life"

Former Death Row Records owner Marion “Suge” Knight‘s son Suge J Knight is more than a little upset.

Suge J Knight took to social media in a series of posts saying that his father Suge Knight Sr. was robbed of life after receiving a 28-year prison sentence. Read on…

Suge J Knight: "They Robbed My Father Suge Knight Out of Life"Suge J Knight is heated over his father Marion “Suge” Knight sentence of 28-years behind bars, but he doesn’t know the things his father did to the hip-hop industry before he was born.

Back in the day, Marion “Suge” Knight was feared by many in the music industry. He was a threat to anyone who wouldn’t play ball his way.

As for Marion’s son Suge J Knight, he knows the man as dad, a stand-up dude that is his father. He has no clue about Marion in 1990 – 1996

They just robbed my Father out of life just like that. Every powerful Black name is getting tainted with a conviction. They don’t do their own like that but make it a fact to destroy any threat to them. That’s Black Leaders.. My Pops still strong and will never fold in there. If you were me and knew the truth you would go hard like this to. #killuminati #freesuge

He also posted photos of Bill Cosby, and more…

Suge J. Knight went to Instagram this week to let loose some emotions over his dad’s prison punishment.

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