Stevie J Moves In On Bambi


Stevie J Moves In On Bambi?!?

Stevie J Moves In on Bambi has a sit down with Stevie J so he put the Stevie charm on trying to sign her because he wants to manager!

Bambi calls out Stevie for trying to sign her. She feels that Joseline Hernandez may not take nice to Bambi signing with her husband. Stevie kicks into Sleazo as always telling bambi to trust him.

We all remember how things went down for Che Mack last year when Joseline caught wind of another woman he is managing. It was an utter disaster and Che fell off the face of reality TV. She is still on social media, but she knew it wasn’t worth being toyed with by Stevie Jordan.

Plus, Bambi is Scrappy‘s girl and he  probably won’t be cool with her working with Stevie, because who can forget the parking lot fight with Scrappy and Stevie in season 1.

Man Stevie is stirring the pot and might be setting Bambi up for a HUGE fall. Not only that, Sleazo is coming off like he might have other intentions besides music.

Check it:

Can you believe Stevie? He is a Sleaze.

Thoughts? Is he a player or a Sleazo?