Steve Harvey Kicks Out Lori Harvey’s New Boyfriend Future

Steve Harvey Kicks Out Lori Harvey's New Boyfriend Future

Steve Harvey Kicks Out Lori Harvey’s New Boyfriend Future!

Is it us or is Steve Harvey’s daughter Lori Harvey becoming a pass around chick in the hip hop community? Read on for the tea spill on Steve Harvey not approving Lori Harvey new boyfriend Future… reports that Steve Harvey has made it official, he does NOT approve of Lori Harvey’s new boyfriend Future.

What we are hearing is that a person close to the Harvey family spilled the tea that Lori Harvey invited Future to the Harvey compound in Los Angeles for Thanksgiving dinner.

But here is the problem, Steve Harvey found out that the rapper was coming to his home, so he put his foot down and said “Hell no.”

It’s about time Steve said something!

This girl has been jumping from D to D in the hip hop community and now she is with Future? He’s the rapper who is currently denying two of his children because he is claiming that the baby mamas were just hit and runs.

That is all Lori doesn’t NEED is to be baby mama number 8.

We could just see it now, Lori Harvey pregnant by Future. Then he denies her and the baby and Steve Harvey go to jail for manslaughter.

Yeah, NOT a good look at all. Hopefully, Lori doesn’t fall for the “I can’t get hard with a condom on” or the “I don’t like how it feels with a condom on” BS.

Future doesn’t believe in condoms and he is all about impregnating as many women as possible. Lori NEEDS to dump is @ss and listen to her dad for once.

Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn aka Future is the FIRST boyfriend of Lori’s where the talk show king has shown his public disapproval.

The insider explained:

Steve doesn’t approve of Future with Lori, he has too many kids and [more importantly] he does too many foolish things.

The 36-year-old rapper has 8 children from 7 different women. And in the past, he’s publicly feuded with all of his children’s mothers. In fact, he’s currently in lawsuits with his two newest babys’ mothers – Joie Chavis and Eliza Reign.

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