Stacey Dash Calls Black History Month Ludicrous

Wow, we can’t believe Fox News cultural correspondent Stacey Dash Calls Black History Month Ludicrous and blacks should stop focusing on celebrating black culture?!?!

Huh? What is Fox thinking about having Stacey Dash as their cultural correspondent is she is going to disregard black culture…

LOS ANGELES, CA - JUNE 30: Actress Stacey Dash attends the premiere of Lionsgate Films' "America" at Regal Cinemas L.A. Live on June 30, 2014 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Did you hear, Stacey Dash Calls Black History Month Ludicrous?

Did Stacy Dash forget where she came from, the movies she stared in, and magazines she posed in? We got one word Stacy #Hypocrite #GirlBye

The Bajan (Barbadian), African-American and Mexican native has PISSED off almost everyone in the black community and we are #SMH about this ridiculousness, maybe she is clueless.

See Dash though she was coming off like Olivia Pope when she weighed in on the controversy surrounding the 2016 Oscars. In the clip below, Stacey spoke on Fox News about blacks wanting segregation or abolishing racism.

Dash was on the Fox News segment “Outnumbered” stating that not only is the outrage over the Oscars “ludicrous,” but that in order to be truly equal, African-Americans should be doing away with things like Black History Month, BET, The Image Awards, etc…


Dash has made herself the Omarosa of the black community because after that comment no one is liking her. In fact many people say her black card has been revoked.

We are completely displeased with Stacey Dash statement, because she was once on BET in the TV series Single Ladies until she was fired from the show.

But that is not all. Dash has a resume of many black films outside of the blockbuster movie Clueless that made her a household name. To this day Clueless is still one of the funnest movies to watch.

Here are a few movies that Dash appeared in and she had no problem being black then. She was in Moving (1988), Mo’ Money (1992), Gang of Roses (2003), Phantom Punch (2008), Nora’s Hair Salon II (2008), House Arrest (2013) and many TV shows.

For some reason Stacey Dash has forgotten where she came from, and that’s the Bronx, NY. We understand better one self, but taking aim at the black community is wrongful. If you didn’t know Dash was a black woman, you’d think she was a white lady who was affiliated with the Klan or something. #SMH

She also posed for King Magazine a magazine that predominately focuses on black women – take a look at our gallery:


What do you think about Stacey Dash Calling Black History Month Ludicrous?