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Soulja Boy Signs 400 Milli Deal With FilmOnTV


Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star and rapper, Soulja Boy is doing big things from cashing in on Beyonce’s song “Hold Up” which he wrote to Signing a $400 Milli Deal With FilmOnTV!!!

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Soulja Boy has learned that Soulja Boy just signed a deal with Greek billionaire Alki David.

We are hearing that the deal is for $400 million, but there is no comfirmation as of yet.

That didn’t stop Soulja Boy bragging to the rap world by claiming that he had signed a deal worth $400 million. If a good percentage of that sum makes it into Soulja’s pockets, he’ll be one of the richest men in hip-hop.

Soulja also said that certain major news outlets would soon be breaking the story on his massive deal, though no further information had become available until now.

HNHH reports:

Earlier today, Soulja posted an Instagram picture of himself shaking hands with Alki David, a Greek billionaire who is the CEO of FilmOn, an Internet-based streaming service that provides online access to a multitude of TV channels, movies, and more. There also seems to be something of a record label being operated out of FilmOn. The company has already had one major rap signing, and that was Chief Keef in spring of last year.

As For FilmOn?

FilmOn released both installments of last year’s Bang 3 album, and the company tried (and failed) to host a Chief Keef hologram show on multiple occasions. In November, the label began experiencing difficulties with Keef. FilmOn first suspended him for going on tour without the label’s approval, and a few weeks later, FilmOn filed a multimillion lawsuit against Keef’s management company.

Here are some more photos of Soulja Boy:

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