Soulja Boy Released 5 Months Early From Jail

Soulja Boy Released 5 Months Early From Jail

Soulja Boy gets released from jail FIVE months earlier than his scheduled release date for good behavior.

Read on to get more details on Soulja Boy Released 5 Months Early From Jail… reports that Soulja, 28, was released from a Los Angeles jail on Sunday in the early hours of the morning after he served just over three months behind bars for a probation violation.

Soulja Boy was originally sentenced to 240 days behind bars and 265 days of community service, but now he is out and about.

He was released 146 days early – that’s almost five months

In June, Soulja took to social media letting everyone know he would be getting out soon:

To all my Fans, Friends, & family, luv yall & thanks for supporting me always. I’ll be home soon.

If you recall, the ATL rapper was arrested for allegedly having firearms and ammunition, and failing to complete his court-ordered community service. He was jailed a month later for violating his probation. He was ordered to complete 225 days of community service.

While in prison, a phone call was released by his team where he promised the “biggest comeback of 2019.”

During his stint behind bars, Soulja’s house was reportedly burglarized and the alleged culprits hacked into his social media and streamed from his Instagram live. They reportedly tried to reach out to Soulja’s famous connects in his phone.

That set back didn’t keep him from making his coin, oh no, he dropped this track a couple of weeks after he said he was getting out soon:

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