Soulja Boy Accused of Kidnapping and Abuse

Soulja Boy Accused of Kidnapping and Abuse

In the midst of a Soulja Boy comeback, a woman has accused the rapper of kidnapping her.

The woman whose name is Kayla was said to be dating Soulja Boy got into it with Soulja’s assistant. Read on for the tea spill…

Soulja Boy Accused of Kidnapping and reports that early Monday morning (Feb. 4) Soulja Boy has been hit with some very serious accusation.

TMZ reports that Kayla, Soulja Boy‘s girlfriend was backing out of a driveway in her car at Soulja’s L.A. home when she hit the curb.

It’s from that point that Soulja’s assistant reportedly became upset and started fighting with Kayla.

From there, Soulja allegedly stepped outside and tried to break up the fight. The woman says that Soulja began punching and kicking her once she was on the ground. She went on to say that he had her tied up for six hours.

When Kayla was released on Saturday morning (Feb. 2), she reportedly visited a hospital, where she was treated for a concussion and three fractured ribs.

This news arrives a few weeks after Casanova confronted Soulja for allegedly disrespecting women at Sirius XM offices. At the time, Casanova claimed the rapper was frightening women, so he called him out for it. The two later talked out whatever issues they had during an Instagram Live session, and Soulja even gave Casanova respect for talking to him about the situation.

If you have been watching Marriage Boot Camp you can see how he treated his ex Nia Riley, Teddy Riley’s daughter on the series. She complains about his metal abusive ways, but he doesn’t seem to get it.

Soulja, who recently signed a new deal with Warner/Chappell Music, has yet to comment on this kidnapping accusation.

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