Sorry Future: Gag Order Dismissed Against Baby Mama

Sorry Future: Gag Order Dismissed Against Baby Mama

Sorry Future: Gag Order Dismissed Against Baby Mama!

Rapper Future is trying his hardest to have his dirt swept under the carpet, way way way under the carpet, but a judge is not allowing it. Read on… reports that Future Hendrix alleged baby mama Eliza Reign scored a huge victory in court.

See, a judge tossed Future‘s defamation claims and gag order against her.

According to documents obtained by BOSSIP, Judge Cecilia Altonaga also threw out Future’s legal claims that he needed an immediate injunction to stop Reign from talking about him. She also dismissed his claims that she portrayed him in a false light and intentionally inflicted emotional distress upon him.

In February, a judge ordered the rapper to take a paternity test, as he denies that he fathered her only child, a daughter. He did however, admit to having a sexual relationship for her over the course of two years.

The judge is allowing Future to amend his lawsuit to try again. Reign is suing Future for $53,000 a month in child support based on his reported $19 million a year income. He has not yet coughed up any coins.

At the end of the day, if Future wants to stop the baby mama drama, wear a damn condom fool!

This is Future’s fault no matter how you look at it. If he’s going out and sleeping with randoms, side chicks and so fourth without a condom, expect to have a few kids. And in his case 9! Maybe its time to stop being stupid and get a vasectomy or wear a condom.

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