Solange Knowles Can’t Be That Tacky


Solange Knowles Can’t Be That Tacky?!?

Rumor has it that Beyonce’s lil sister was caught returning gifts after the wedding, but Solange Knowles Can’t Be That Tacky, can she?

We know that you always get some gifts that you don’t want, so we understand returning them, but it seems that someone is snitching on Solange and making a big deal out of a few returns.

We look at it like this, yes it’s tacky and yes it’s odd, but if she’s NOT going to use the items returned then it does make sense to return the items and use the cash for her marriage. We are hearing that it was arraignments from her wedding and some gifts.


Here is what Naughty but Nice Rob is saying via an insider:

“Solange Knowles is a tacky, cheap swindler! 3 days after her wedding she returned over $1000 worth of flower vases she bought for the wedding to a popular nationwide design and furniture store. She also returned gifts!”

Unless Solange needed the money since she was SLAPPED with a tax lien days after her wedding for $55K?

Here is what was reported a couple weeks ago, bu Solange Can’t Be that tacky, can she?

Solange Knowles is being hit with a $55,000 debt from the State of California. The debt has been acknowledged by the state government for the years between 2010-2012. What make even matters worst is that Knowles was sent this notice a few days after her marriage. There hasn’t been any update on Knowles rebuttal to the tax lien, via GigiOnThat.