SoCal #SKYFIRE RAGES: Six Flagg’s Magic Mountain Evacuated

SoCal FIRES Are Back: Magic Mountain In The Middle of it

BREAKING NEWS: SoCal SKYFIRE RAGES:: Magic Mountain In The Middle of it! Guests who went to Six Flags in Southern California on Sunday were met with flames and smoke as a wildfire erupted right next door

Amusement park goers at Six Flagg’s Magic Mountain were seen panicking as the Skyfire RAGES and grew due to winds in the area. Read on to see the videos from SoCal #SKYFIRE reports that Six Flaggs Magic Mountain In The Middle of of more southern California fires that broke out just hours ago.

TMZ first posted the breaking news, as the fire, which officials have dubbed the Sky Fire, broke out near Six Flags Magic Mountain and the adjacent water park, Hurricane Harbor, at around noon down in Santa Clarita … literally a stone’s throw away from the theme park and all the guests inside.

Take a look:

As of this writing, there are no reported fatalities or injuries as a result of the fire.

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