SNL RIPS Brett Kavanaugh Being Sworn into US Supreme

US Supreme Court Has 2 Justices Accused of Sexual Misconduct

What is happening to the U.S., it continues to become more corrupt each month with Trump in office.

Then, Brett Kavanaugh is sworn into the U.S. Supreme Court? Now the Supreme Court has 2 Justices Accused of Sexual Misconduct.

Women of America its time to say goodbye to your rights because Brett Kavanaugh was sworn into the supreme court. Read on to get the details… Thank you SNL for putting things in perspective, but Donald Trump continues to ruin our country keeping racism and oppression alive in 2018.

Since Donald Trump became President our country has truly been showing their true colors. It appears to be a backlash to having the first Black President of America. Maybe it was all the rappers in the white house or the fact that having a black President gave the black community the hope they’ve been wanting since slavery and oppression.

With President Trump in office, he has been able to undo all the great things Obama put in place like Black rights, women’s rights, gay rights, oppression, racism, hate, prejudice and more. Not to mention the white’s who are racist, they seem to feel empowered and it’s disgusting.

And to continue his destruction of undoing the good of the people The Republican voted in favor of Brett Kavanaugh who was sworn into the supreme court.

WTF America? Brett Kavanaugh is a sex offender! Republicans have truly become dirty.

What is worse is that USA Today is reporting:

Donald Trump is using the Brett Kavanaugh fight to stoke a #MeToo backlash and rev his base. Show them they’re outnumbered. Punish them at the polls.

If you’ve been paying attention at all, you know Trump would not have been able to appoint anyone to the court without the support of white women or, as Trump calls them, “women.” CNN exit polls found that while Trump lost all women by 13 percentage points, 52 percent of white women backed his candidacy. Better data complicates that narrative, but it still shows a narrow white female majority for Trump.

There may be an even more precise description for the sort of women who backed Trump — Republicans. In a wild coincidence, 73 percent of Republican women also believe Kavanaugh over Ford. Meanwhile, 74 percent of Democratic women and 56 percent of independents trust Ford more. Not too surprisingly, Americans of color are the most likely to believe Ford.

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