Slim Thug Backhanded Apology to Russell Wilson + Questions Ciara

Slim Thug Makes a Backhanded Apology to Ciara’s husband Russell Wilson Corny

Slim Thug may have apologized to Ciara’s husband and NFL player Russell Wilson, but he questions why she got hitched to the nice guy.

Stayve Jerome Thomas, best known as Slim Thug points out that how did Ciara go from Future to Russell Wilson?

During his social media apology, he states that he didn’t mean to call the Seattle Seahawks QB that he was corny.

Continue on to see what Slim Thug is saying about Ciara… has the latest on Houston rapper Slim Thug who explained why he thought it was odd Ciara could be married to a man like Russell.

Slim Thug held nothing back saying that he thinks Ciara and Russell’s marriage is a sham.

Despite his feeling on why Ciara made the jump to the quarterback and dumped rapper Future is really her prerogative.

In an Instavideo, you hear Slim Thug asking questions like:

Russell Wilson, do a woman who used to talk to Future, really want a Russell Wilson? I don’t believe it. I think it’s all financial stability.

The 37-year-old continued:

He just a corny dude. Ain’t nothing wrong with it! Well, I ain’t gone say corny because that’s hating, but he[‘s] just like a square.

Despite not having personal issues with either Ciara or Russell, Thug still believes their marriage is fraudulent.

He said:

No hate. I bought his shoes the other day. I have no personal issue with him or her, God bless them. I bought this man shoes the other day so I have no personal issue with him, he cool. But, I don’t believe a girl from a street dude could even adapt to that.

Slim goes on to imply without implying:

I ain’t gone say she a gold digger because she got her own. But at the end of the day, I don’t believe its real. I don’t believe it. And I think how yall keep highlighting this, it’s gone blow up on yall.

Since the sharing of the video, the Houstonian rapper has issued an apology video on Thursday, Slim somewhat retracted his criticism:

Okay, first of all, I want to apologize to Russell Wilson for saying he is lame and corny. Really, I didn’t mean that. I was trying to say good guy vs bad guy swag. But you know how the Internet does, they are gone make clips, so they can make clicks and shit.

To elaborate on his point further, he states:

But anyway, I shouldn’t have even used him as an example, but it was the only example I knew. So the question I had was, can a woman attracted to a bad boy, can she switch it to a clean cut guy? I don’t believe if you like street dudes, you like street dudes. I think a woman will do that for financial stability, and for the better of her kids or a better side of life as she grows older, but I don’t think that’s initially in her heart who she feels she really wants to be with. I could be wrong. I’m a rapper, what you think?

What is really going on Slim?

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