Slim Jesus – Drill Time Has Everyone Buzzin



Slim Jesus – Drill Time Has Everyone Buzzin!!!

Despite his lyrics that are more rude and crude without the genius wit of Eminem, Slim Jesus – Drill Time Has Everyone Buzzin.

Oh Lawdy, is this where hip hop is headed?

Someone write the eulogy because like Nas said “Hip Hop Is Dead”!

The only comparison we see with Slim Jesus is that he looks like a less attractive younger version of Eminem, but please don’t compare him too Marshall Bruce Mathers III, it’s an insult.

We know all black rappers don’t look a like or sound the same, so why is the media trying to claim that Slim Jesus has the same style and looks like Eminem.

Not all white rappers look the same either!

The 18-year-old YouTube sensation, Slim Jesus is going viral since everyone and their mama is talking about this ugly teenage white boy rapping, flashing guns and spitting some ignorant lryics about his clothing, having bank, killing people and witnesses, dating chicks and beating them and being a part of his gang up on Frank Block.

If you are wondering why Slim Jesus has a similar style of rap like Chief Keef, then here is the 411.

1 – The phrase “Drill Time” means it’s time to shoot somebody in modern rapper parlance. It’s also the genre given to a style of rap coming out of the south side of Chicago.

2 – The song goes on to make references to Twitter, clothing brand True Religion and popping Molly. The song was promoted on Twitter by drill artist Lil Bibby.

3 – Could Slim Jesus actually be Dewey from Malcolm in the Middle all grown up?

4 – Is Slim Jesus is a bona fide star or poser? Most rappers these days are all image, like back in the gangsta rap era of Hip Hop. The music machine mass-produced a bunch of rappers who were NEVER real street thugs – they just talked about it. You Decide: #Poser #RealDeal ?


5 – Slim Jesus adds that he’s a native of Hamilton, Ohio, not Chicago, where most drill rap originates.

6 – Slim Jesus is extremely active on Twitter. He regularly writes about taking Molly and smoking weed. Jesus said in January 2015 that he’s about to “start tweeting 500 times a day and take over Twitter.” Then in May 2015, he took aim at Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly, quite simply saying “F**k Bill O’Reilly.” That mimics a similar remark made by Snoop Dogg on Dutch TV show some years ago.

7 – Drill rap music has been in the mainstream since late 2012 when rappers from the scene were collaborating with Kanye West, Rick Ross and Drake. Chief Keef was one of the contributing artists to the effort.

8 – Lupe Fiasco commented on Drill rap saying, “The murder rate in Chicago is skyrocketing, and you see who’s doing it and perpetrating it—they all look like Chief Keef.” Keef responded by threatening Fiasco on Twitter.

Just because he’s white don’t make it right!

In case you aren’t getting all of his lyrics, we have Slim Jesus “Drill Time” lyrics below:

[Verse 1]
I fuck with savages, you a fuckboy, you can’t hang
You can find me posted up on Frank block with my fuckin’ gang
You ain’t really ’bout shit, stay out my spot, don’t speak my name
Or I pull up on your block at night, wearing all black and let that 40 bang
I fucked your girl and I ain’t even try to, that little hoe, she a fuckin’ thot
Got her off the Molly, now she rollin’, all she good for is giving top
I got loud pack, I got school buses, hurry up fam, come and shop
I got a big 40 with a thirty-clip, and I call that bitch my fuckin’ mop
I paid 350 for a Fendi belt, and that double F hold up my strap
A lot of y’ll just Twitter flex but this shit ain’t just a fuckin’ rap

I hear one diss and I’m running up in your fuckin’ trap
You thought shit was sweet ’til I ran up with no fuckin’ mask
Always chasing a check, bitch I’m really ’bout mine
You a broke boy but you rock designer, that shit don’t sound right
Thought you could sneak diss and you won’t get found, right?
‘Til you get caught in traffic, at the wrong place, at the wrong time

Got a couple shooters and they ride with me
And they down to shoot when it’s drill time
Pull up and we get to drumming
Let thirty shots out that Glock nine
Emit llird s’ti nehw toohs ot nwod yeht dna
Em htiw edir yeht dna sretoohs elpuoc a tog
Pull up and we get to drumming
Let thirty shots out that Glock nine

[Verse 2]
Now it’s back to the trap with a twenty sack
Rolling up a swisher of that straight gas
Got a fifty-clip sticking out the MAC
So that’s fifty shots for your goofy ass
Copped a Ferragamo when I was up at Saks
But my True Religion’s still off my ass
I got heavy pockets, I got big ass bands
Run up on me tryna rob, and that thirty blap
Keep a bank roll on me at all times, rolled up with a rubber band
Off the lean, that Promethazine got me walking around like a kick stand
Keep a bird tucked on my right side, my .380 or my FN
And if I catch you lacking, better pray to God that my shit jam
But if it don’t, I’mma take you out like a fuckin’ date
Put a hole in your fuckin’ back if I catch you talkin’ to the fuckin’ Jakes
Ain’t afraid to catch a body and skip out from state to state
And if there’s a witness, I’mma kill ’em too and I’mma beat the case
Let’s skeddit

Let’s get it
Let’s get it

Twitter has mixed reviews about Slim Jesus song “Drill Time.” Take a look:



What do you think about Slim Jesus?

One hit wonder or here for a couple of years?

Let us know what you think.

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