Sisterhood of Hip Hop: Diamond Who


Sisterhood of Hip Hop: Diamond Who?!?

The second episode of Sisterhood of Hip Hop it kicks off with Nyemiah Supreme in the studio working on her new track “Downgrade” but when Siya and Diamond walk in thing lock up!

Siya wants to introduce Diamond to Nyemiah Supreme, but Diamond gets her face cracked when Nye has no clue Dia was part of Crime Mob. Nyemiah Supreme said “Oh, I ain’t know you were in the group [Crime Mob].”  Diamond needs to drop her ego and realize she’s back at the bottom on her way up. Ego’s be gone!  Siya’s deadpan, wide-eyed expression makes it quite clear that Supreme messed up.  Instantly Diamond says “Crime Mob was centered around me” putting her foot down.

Hold up, does Diamond really think she’s made a name for herself? When Crime Mob hit the scene they were making waves, but Diamond quit after two albums and fans new the groups name, not everyone knew any of the members in the mob. And to top that Crime Mob was here one day and gone the next – they NEVER crossed over and Diamond solo career has been flatline from the starting line. Without Crime Mob, Diamond has basically nothing.

Down in Miami we catch up with Brianna Perry having a meeting with her momanager who booked her a gig, but Brianna has finals. She complains that finals are important to her, but she needs to ask herself if hip hop is equally important. Later Brianna heads to the beach with her gay-trustie, Ricky, to decide what to do. She realizes that she has to take her finals early so she can do both.

Meanwhile, Nyemiah is in rehearsal for her showcase and her manager wants to see her step up the energy. After she steps it up her manager is happy with the energy.

Across town Siya makes up with Renaye, working hard to make her girlfriend understand that she is trying to make things work so she buys her a dog.

Later, Diamond meets up with Brianna and Ricky when she is supposed to having a meeting with Nyemiah, and she wonders why her career is at the bottom of the barrel. At first Nye is excited to hang with Diamond because she wants to introduce her to some people in NYC, but instead she gets stood up. She is furious that she went out of her way to meet with Diamond.

Like we said before, Diamond needs to cut the ego-trippin! Crime Mob has NOT made music since 2007 – that is 7 years ago and your only as good as your last hit. Sleeping with Scrappy and Soulja Boy doesn’t make you relevant. Diamond acts like she’s Nicki Minaj or Lil Kim, does she actually think she’s a headlining act??? Dismiss the ego Diamond, no one remembers your music!

What is so crazy is Diamond is sitting having drinks with Brianna talking about not meeting with Nye – a unprofessional move – telling Bri “I can’t die with this knowledge. Why not help the next person be a better person?”

Really girl?

As for the rest of the show – it’s filled with reality TV cliches, predictably builds and tensions. Perry vs. her momager Kiki and Siya vs. the clingy Renaye. As for, Perry, she is turning out to be the logical center of the show, but she ends up shorted thanks to her mother’s immaturity. Siya needs to wake up and realize Renaye is NOT a good fit, she’s too jealous of everything. Renaye needs her own goals and dreams and being arm candy is not a job.

The big night arrives, and as Perry is preparing, Kiki is sipping Hennessy playfully inviting her assistants to join. As expected, this leads to disaster. In the episode’s climactic moment, Perry’s sound goes haywire during her performance, while Supreme’s following set goes smoothly. Kiki’s finger pointing can’t save what’s implicitly her fault.

Bianna and her momanager is obviously NOT working because Kiki forgets when she is being a manager, Bri is her client, not her daughter. the senario is predictable and a stone-faced Perry, 22, is forced to lay down the law with Kiki, who spirals into a mother delinquently grasping for juvenile retorts like “What you want me to do?” “I was tryiinnggg!” Momma Kiki needs to lay off the “turn up juice!

So far Sisterhood of Hip Hop is showing viewers why these women in the music industry are right where they are!

This is where we say, we’ve heard it all before…

While Siya is hanging with her friend Diamond chopping it up and doing business, Renaye is on the sidelines not understanding that in hip hop gay is a private word and women need to come off like they like men and rapper who are gay always put their dude at the bar while they’re surrounded by a bunch of ladies. Dating someone in hip hop is hard and if you don’t get it then the door is always there to leave. Renaye needs to wake up and know her place and arm candy is NOT the ticket.

Bottom line, the Sisters need to know it doesn’t matter who or where they came from, because they’re only as good as their last track.

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