SICVIDS: OffSet “Clout”; ScHoolboy Q “CHopstix”; Gesaffelstein “Blast Off” + Billie Eilish

SICVIDS: OffSet "Clout"; ScHoolboy Q "CHopstix"; Gesaffelstein "Blast Off" + Billie Eilish

Here is another set of SIC VID music videos for your weekend. If you need some great driving music we have these recommendations.

We have four great new songs you need to be banging in your car starting off with OffSet “Clout,” ScHoolboy Q “CHopstix,” Gesaffelstein “Blast Off,” + Billie Eilish “You Should See Me in a Crown”. Continue on to watch…


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A post shared by ScHoolboy Q (@groovyq) on has more SIC VIDS that we’ve deemed worthy of car music starting off with Migos Offset and his newest song off his solo project FATHER of 4 album.

Next is one of our favorite rappers ScHoolboy Q and Travis Scott‘s new song “CHopstix” from his upcoming album Crash Talk:

We also have Gesaffelstein latest video with Pharrell and Billie Eilish new animated video.

Offset – “Clout” ft. Cardi B:

There is NOT much to say on Offset and his “Clout” song. The song is drenched in all shade of lemon yellow. The hip hop couple is dripping in sexy leather fashions and they freak for the camera. Cardi is in full lapdance mode with similar cut shots like it was taken straight from a Nicki Minaj video.

We get it do what works, but we wanna see Cardi doing something Lil Kim, Nicki, and Foxy has NOT done yet.

ScHoolboy Q – “CHopstix” ft. Travis Scott:

The metaphor at the center of the DJ Dahi-produced “Chopstix” is simple. According to Travis Scott, “her legs” are “chopsticks, chopsticks, chopsticks.” Schoolboy Q, too, likes “her legs up like chopsticks,” but makes the distinction that he also likes to beat and “stab at it.” The metaphor is confused by the fact that you’re not supposed to stab with chopsticks, but a deeper dive seems unnecessary. Stare into the abyss, etc., etc. – RollingStone

Do you think ScHoolboy Q missed the mark with this metaphor or “Yes” he was spot on?

Gesaffelstein “Blast Off” Ft. Pharrell Williams:

Billie Eilish – “You Should See Me in a Crown”:

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