SIC VIDS: Jamiroquai, Post Malone, Migos +Puff Daddy & French Montana

SIC VIDS: Jamiroquai, Post Malone, Migos +Puff Daddy & French Montana


SIC VIDS: This time we have new music from Jamiroquai, Post Malone, Migos +Puff Daddy & French Montana!

Flip and watch new music videos from Jamiroquai, Post Malone, Migos +Puff Daddy & French Montana

SIC VIDS: Jamiroquai, Post Malone, Migos +Puff Daddy & French Montana mission is to bring you the latest and best music video dropping weekly. We have scoured the internet, seen what was sent to us, and decided to change up SIC VIDS a bit.

Instead of just see the videos we’re reviewing them as well. We’re going to be raw and unfiltered when we drop a round of SIC VIDS for you. The artists may NOT like it, but we’re being honest, so respect our honesty. Let us know what you think. Does the video suck? Or is it the best out there? Artists NEED to hear REAL TALK, not FAKE kiss @ss that everyone tends to do. Let them know, so they can improve and get better as an artist.

Let’s get started by watching videos from Jamiroquai, Post Malone, Migos +Puff Daddy & French Montana below:

Jamiroquai – “Automaton”:

This video is stellar from Jamiroquai. He has truly outdone himself, expanding his musical style. We lost touch with Jamiroquai from back in the day. We felt he was too studio influenced and it was NOT really him. Now this music right hurr, seems to be what Jamiroquai was all about from the jump. Bravo dude. for finally coming to the party.

Post Malone – “Congratulations” ft. Quavo:

Ok, Ok, Post Malone has finally dropped his debut album and we have to give it to the producers behind him. They’ve made a pretty decent album and yes, we’re liking Post Malone’s songs. How long will Malone keep putting out radio worthy music? Probably as long as producers see that he is a good investment. Until then, enjoy “Congratulations” ft. Quavo:

Migos – “T-Shirt”:

Migos continues their reign of success with the video “T-Shirt” off their second album which proves they might be here for a few more years. At first we weren’t sure if they would last the test of time, but their music is feel good party music. Just watch the lyrics there’s some subliminal’s up in thurrr!

Puff Daddy & French Montana “Cocaine (I Can’t Feel My Face)”:

Once again Puff Daddy is with his golden boy, French Montana with the video “Cocaine (I Can’t Feel My Face).” Puff Daddy aka Diddy makes sure to stay up with the times trying to push the envelope a bit further with his music. This time he presses forward with a trap style influence video from the  Puff Daddy & The Family’s “MMM” album. It’s cool, but NOT the Puff Daddy we first fell in love with.

Off Puff Daddy & The Family’s “MMM” which is out now:… From Bad Boy Entertainment

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