Nipsey Hussle Shooter Boasting on Live

Nipsey Hussle Shooter Boasting on Live

Yesterday, rapper Nipsey Hussle was shot and killed in front of his daughter outside of his own business.

Moments after the shooting, the shooter named Bo took to social media to boast about killing Nipsey Hussle and described how he walked up on him and shot him. Read on to watch this disturbing video as Nipsey Hussle Shooter Boasting on Live... reports that the shooter (weak minded idiot) is heard boasting about walking up on Nipsey Hussle asking him where he from and then shooting him dead.

What people will do for 15-minutes of fame is disgusting!

According to reports, an artist by the name of Cinco says he was on Instagram Live Sunday after news broke that Nipsey had been shot. He says in the middle of his Live session, a young man under the username @gasstongbo hopped on with his own video and said he was the shooter.

The gunman, we have learned his name is Bo thanks to the friend saying it 2 times is proud of what he did.  Bo took to Instagram Live to tell his followers and call a friend about killing Hussle.

Nipsey Hussle Shooter Boasting on Live:

Once his friend realized that he was talking about killing Nipsey while fleeing down the freeway, he tells him ” N—a no one who killed Nipsey Hussle would get on social media and announce it.”

The 20-something black man was ecstatic about what he had done.  He didn’t care because he said too many people saw him and he’s expecting police to come to get him.

According to the video, Bo knows he only has so much time free before the police catch up with him and pick him up.

The video is disturbing because this young man has no care about life, gets off on shooting someone, and is proud that he is the man wo kill Nipsey Hussle.

What is wrong with our society that they think BS like this is cool. The MF killed a father, who will now leave two children fatherless and without a male figure in their life. Let alone his daughter had to watch her daddy get gunned down in front of her. The scaring alone for her is unrepairable. The sad part is, he is Proud of his crime and has no problem going to prison for it.

The shooter is one messed up individual.

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