Shia LaBeouf Cops Plea Deal


Shia LaBeouf Cops Plea Deal

Trouble maker Shia LaBeouf is working out a plea deal for his disorderly conduct when he had a meltdown during a Broadway show. has learned that Shia is singing a new tune, he was in court Thursday and the judge has decided to give both parties time to hash things out in regards to a plea deal.

As for the plea deal … the judge is giving both sides until Sept. 10 to hash it out.

As you know … Shia was kicked out of a performance of “Cabaret” after drunkenly confronting people on stage and in the audience … then spitting and swearing at cops, allegedly yelling, “Do you know who the f*** I am?”

Shia is now in an outpatient program and seems to be doing a lot better.