Shaunie O’Neal Shopping BBW’s Spinoff



Shaunie O’Neal Shopping BBW’s Spinoff!?!

If you love Basketball Wives LA then you’re in luck since Shaunie O’Neal Shopping BBW’s Spinoff. caught wind that Shaunie O’Neal may be looking to once again expand the “Basketball Wives” franchise.

We are hoping that it won’t involve Jackie Christie since she acts like a teenager desperate for attention. But what we are hearing is that Tami Roman has put together a potential Houston cast and Shaunie is shopping the show as of now.


Shaunie tells the Jasmine Brand:

“We have a Houston cast that we put together. We haven’t sold it but it’s shopping right now….It’s a good cast so I hope the network likes it…

“Tami [Roman] actually put the cast together and brought it to me so, if it’s in Houston, Ms. Tami will have producer credit. How ’bout that?”

The best part of all this is, Tami Roman is involved.


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