419-Second Generation Wayans Gets Axed from BET-1

Second Generation Wayans Gets Axed from BET

419-Second Generation Wayans Gets Axed from BET-1

(CelebNMusic247-NewsSecond Generation Wayans Gets Axed from BET

As if none of us saw this coming, the Second Generation Wayans snore series has been officially cancelled.

No offence to the Wayans but the show lack humor, and comedy on all levels, Damon, Keenan, Shawn and Marlon Wayans are comedic geniuses, but for some reason the apple didn’t fall far from the tree with the second generation.

We tried to watch the series, but by the third episode we no longer cared about what happened to any of the characters on the show.

The show was so disappointing because we really wanted them to have a successful show. And the sad part is that Damien Dante Wayans and Craig Wayans made fun of not being cast because producers wanted their fathers. Well it sounds like the joke has more truth to it then they lead on to have us believe on the show, because their TV show might not be back…

Here’s the drop:

Jet Magazine reported on the upfronts for BET this season and Second Generation Wayans was not mentioned in the programming.

Neither was Reed Between the Lines or Keyshia & Daniel: Family First.

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    […] most recently starred in “Second Generation Wayans,” a BET reality show which ran for a single season. He’s best known for his roles in […]

  • Darrell Jackson

    Clearly all involved in the production of Second Generations Wayans were better at their craft than the writer of this unconvincing, weakly done article. I’m a self-styled critic of TV sitcoms and I found SGW to be quiet entertaining. Some of the acting was marginal at times but the show was well-written and the story lines were interesting, technically on point, and humorous. But this is what happens when Eurocentric values dominate TV production. I guess eventually depictions of African American life will have to regress back to Amos and Andy and other forms of coonin’ in order to survive.

    • Dee Dabs

      I agree. I also think that perhaps the show was in the wrong time slot? I mean, putting the show right after RHOH was kind of just setting it up. It made the expectations of the show to be just as hilarious as the other. Honestly I would have put SGW before RHOH. I believe that would have created a better transition and flow. Just my thoughts.

    • jakdripr

      Oh my God, always using the famous fall back eh? “Oh it wasn’t successful because racism, and the Eurocentric description of what’s funny”. Tons of well written white shows never find an audience and get cancelled, I mean look at Firefly, Magic City, Luck and Veronica mars, all shows with predominantly white casts that just never found the audience. But whenever it’s a show with primarily blacks it’s always because of racism, I watched the show and I thought it was bloody boring, so maybe this show isn’t as good as you thought it was. But honestly even if is was, shit happens, TV is a fickle business.

      Never mind the fact that there are TONS of black comedy’s that portrayed us in a positive light and went on to be very successful. I mean even on BET you have the Game, Real househusbands of hollywood(or w/e that show is called) which is also really original as well, and of course the infamous Boondocks. And this isn’t even referencing the classics like the Cosby show and the Fresh Prince.

      Also, please don’t take this as the naive ramblings of an individual who thinks racism doesn’t exist anymore because that’s far from the case. My argument is why do we always have to use that as an excuse when something bad happens to us? Bad things happen to everyone, no matter their colour, but it’s only when we’re involved that racism is always the reason. We’ll never stop being victims if we don’t cut this victim mentality shit out, not every white person is out to get us.

      So please, dead all this constant victim mentality bullshit because it doesn’t help in any way, shape or form.

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