Second Generation Wayans Gets Axed from BET

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As if none of us saw this coming, the Second Generation Wayans snore series has been officially cancelled.

No offence to the Wayans but the show lack humor, and comedy on all levels, Damon, Keenan, Shawn and Marlon Wayans are comedic geniuses, but for some reason the apple didn’t fall far from the tree with the second generation.

We tried to watch the series, but by the third episode we no longer cared about what happened to any of the characters on the show.

The show was so disappointing because we really wanted them to have a successful show. And the sad part is that Damien Dante Wayans and Craig Wayans made fun of not being cast because producers wanted their fathers. Well it sounds like the joke has more truth to it then they lead on to have us believe on the show, because their TV show might not be back…

Here’s the drop:

Jet Magazine reported on the upfronts for BET this season and Second Generation Wayans was not mentioned in the programming.

Neither was Reed Between the Lines or Keyshia & Daniel: Family First.

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