Schoolboy Q “Dangerous” Video Addresses Gang Violence

Schoolboy Q Addresses Gang Violence in "Dangerous" Video

Straight off Schoolboy Q’s CrasH TalK album, “Dangerous” examines the repercussions of vengeance and the cyclical nature of violence where it NEVER ENDS nor does it pay off for anyone.

Read on for more about Schoolboy Q’s “Dangerous” video added Schoolboy Q Dangerous video to our SIC VID seven last night, but Top Dawg Entertainment’s Schoolboy Q’s video is such a standout above the rest for the issue it is tackling.

Schoolboy Q’s “Dangerous video is violent, but that is the point director Alexandre Moors is trying to make that it is just a vicious circle of never-ending violence when it comes vengeance.

Schoolboy Q Addresses Gang Violence in "Dangerous" Video

In the Alexandre Moors-directed clip, Schoolboy Q and his associate are sitting in a car on a deserted street as the song’s minor key, warbled melody kicks in. As the song about living a dangerous lifestyle and using mind-altering intoxicants as a means to escape unfurls, the visuals find Schoolboy Q and his companion leaving their car to tail two men down the street and a shot is fired, which hits one of the men they are following. As he tries to crawl away, the screen goes black and in the darkness, another couple of shots are heard, explains Rolling Stone.

Schoolboy Q Addresses Gang Violence in "Dangerous" Video

The words “An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind” flash across the screen. The biblical and Gandhi referencing phrase resonates in the powerful two scene-shot clip.

Next, we see Schoolboy Q and his companion Kid Cudi who is also on the track leaving the scene of the crime only to shot in the by a couple of drive-by shooters also seeking vengeance.

It’s a chilling display of “what comes around goes around.”

The “Dangerous” video follows Crash Talk‘s previously unveiled singles, “Crash,” “Chopstix” featuring Travis Scott and “Numb Numb Juice.”

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