Sarah Jessica Parker on Carrie Bradshaw In Today’s New York

Sarah Jessica Parker on Carrie Bradshaw In Today's New York

Is Carrie Bradshaw still Single and Fabulous? If you are asking Sarah Jessica Parker, who was the woman behind the iconic character in Sex and The City

If Sex and the City was to play out again Sarah Jessica Parker thinks that her iconic Carrie Bradshaw would be baffled by 2018 New York.

Read on why Sarah Jessica Parker feels that her iconic “Sex and the City” character Carrie Bradshaw would be baffled in NYC 2018???

Sarah Jessica Parker on Carrie Bradshaw In Today's New has the latest from Sarah Jessica Parker notes that New York has transformed politically, economically and socially since the HBO show started 20 years ago.

Sarah Jessica Parker weighed in on her Carrie Bradshaw character during a Wall Street Journal discussion with lawyer Tina Tchen.

Parker said:

I think Carrie is very much a product of her generation and . . . her conversations about sex, politics and intimacy spoke to the years she spent . . . prior to being a young adult.

SJP also stated at the WSJ’s Future of Everything Festival that SATC itself seems dated today.

Sarah added:

There were no women of color . . . and there was no substantial conversation about the LGBTQ community.

Do you agree?

We still watch the show daily and would love to have a third installment of the franchise. And yes, we feel the show is still relevant, but it lacks the R Rated version on HBO, this is why we tap our Blu Ray versions from time to time.

If Parker and Kim Cattrall could just squash their ridiculous feud it would be great. It is just sad that ego had to get in the way, Cattrall is just a deserving as Parker. Without the two of them in the project, it would just be flat. Plus fans would really love to see Carrie Bradshaw in New York 2018, especially since she made that comment?