Russell Brand Compares Fatherhood to Drug Trip; Weighs in on Trump

Russell Brand Compares Fatherhood to Drug Trip; Weighs in on Trump

Comedian Russell Brand is now a father to his daughter Mabel, who he says he is so in love with being a dad. He and Laura Gallacher are the parents, but Brand compares fatherhood to a drug trip!!!

Flip and hear what Russell Brand is saying about being a dad and how happy he is no longer in the US with Trump as President…

Russell Brand Compares Fatherhood to Drug Trip; Weighs in on Trump has this great interview with Russell Brand where he compares fatherhood to an LSD trip.

Brand became a dad back in November and he talks about the  lifestyle change since baby Mabel has come into his life.

Russell Brand explains:

“I’ve been awake since 3.30am. I really love it, it’s been mental. It’s transcendent – I am having to try and learn new languages, I’m trying to understand what this baby wants.”

He goes on to say:

“It’s an amazing experience. I know everyone goes through this don’t they, you think you’re the first person.”

Then he tells Chris Moyles of Radio X show, who is so proud of him:

Being a dad, “It’s like LSD.  You think you’re the only person that’s ever done it and has this experience, but really it’s ordinary.  Not that everyone takes LSD.”

Russell’s relationship with substance abuse is no secret, so the comparison actually makes sense for him. But these days the BBC documentary From Addiction to Recovery star revealed:

“Nowadays I don’t drink or take drugs.  10 years ago I couldn’t get enough of them.  Cannabis, booze, acid, speed, coke, crack, heroine – I took drugs every single day.”

Russell added:

“I got clean at the age of 27. It was the age Amy Winehouse was when she died.”

Later in the interview, Russell Brand weighed in on the new President of the U.S., Donald Trump, saying:

He’s “pretty glad” he nolonger lives in the USA.  “I maintain that Donald Trump becoming president is just something that is implicit becoming explicit. So something that was under the surface has now become obvious”.

He added:

“If you live in Los Angeles for example you’ll be aware it’s being totally held together by Mexican people, and it basically used to be Mexico until it got nicked. And I would hang out with the Mexican people who were basically holding my life together, so I don’t think i’d be that comfortable saying ‘sorry Gaby or sorry Jose.'”

As for his Rebirth tour:

“I think that anything that happens major like that is always an expression of something that was waiting to happen. I suppose it’s sort of logical in a way. So yeah, I’m pretty glad.”

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Brand’s stand-up Rebirth tour commences on 4 April 2017.