Royce 5’9″ Thinks it’s Time To STOP Being Politically Correct

Royce 5'9 Thinks it's Time To STOP Being Politically Correct

Royce 5’9 Thinks it’s Time To STOP Being Politically Correct!

Now we don’t believe this is the right message to be trying to influence the culture, but we can understand why Royce 5’9  feels some type of way. Read on…


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#TheAllegory Feb 21st ….

A post shared by ??Nickle?? (@royceda59) on reports that Royce 5’9″ thinks it’s time for everybody to stop being so politically correct.

According to reports it’s being said that Royce 5’9″ thinks it’s ok to be racist.

We disagree! We NEED to STOP being racist because of someone’s color or ethnic background.

Put it like this, if you don’t like someone, then don’t talk to them. Keep it moving. You don’t have to act like a punk and be racist, out President does enough of that shit and the lies and denies. Why drop to his gutter-level? If we as a society listen to someone like Royce 5’9″ NONE of us will ever get past our history and past. For us to move on CHANGE has to be made and Royce is WRONG for promoting this.

The rapper sat down to chop it up with Level, where he told them that he believes that it’s ok with people to disagree with one another.

It’s NOT ok to be racist…PERIOD!

Royce 5’9″ explains his views on how he feels about the fact that many of his supporters may also support President Donald Trump, he was fine about it.

Here is what he said, referring to his new album, which drops next week:

I touch on perspective a lot on [The Allegory]. I’m enamored of the idea that two people could be looking at the same thing, seeing it two totally different ways, and neither one of them is really wrong. Your truth is how you see it, based off your perspective. How you feel is your truth. If you can live in that truth, and me and you can agree on music and coexist in the same environment, the same show? We don’t have to agree on shit as long as the right song is on.

He continued:

We need to start being OK with not agreeing on everything. It’s all right to not agree.

This is where Royce is WRONG in his explanation.

He states:

It’s even all right to be racist. I’m not the racism police. I’m very aware that I have to guard my energy. I can’t put myself in the position where I’m getting upset all the time at the way that somebody views me. The only thing that I demand is respect. That’s it. I can have dinner with a racist person as long as you’re not disrespecting me. People just get so uptight when you want to start talking about the tough topics. Everybody ignoring it is not going to make it go away!

The only truth to his statement is this. Many white people love to be down with black people but at the end of the day how many of those “so-called” “REAL” peeps are NOT racist?

Everyone is racist to a degree, but we all NEED to fix that. It’s NOT just a black-white issue…no its larger Asian, Latin, Mediterranian, Jewish, Polish, Russian, Muslim, Pakistani, Arabic and more. Everyone is always hating on another culture.

We as citizens of the USA NEED to remember America is a melting pot of all cultures. You don’t have to like everyone and they’re not gonna like you. Just respect each other and STOP hate crimes and racism. Make a difference, be the change, NOT the problem. #RESPECT

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