Romeo Lucky to Be Alive After Car Accident


(CelebNMusic247-News) Romeo Lucky to Be Alive After Car Accident?

Romeo Miller should be a dead man after getting into a horrific car accident Friday … telling us he feels lucky to be alive.

Romeo was in Calabasas Sunday — fresh from the hospital and toasting life with a juice — when he explained the near-death experience to our camera guy … “I could have been gone. I got into a collision, 70 mph, on my side of the car.”

Romeo was a passenger in the accident, and posted pics on Instagram of the wreckage inside … where both airbags deployed.

As for injuries … Romeo — formerly Lil — says he only got a few bumps and bruises. He even got Biblical on us, adding … “I walked out like Moses.” (We don’t get it either)

Romeo Miller posted this photo from his hospital bed but we could stop to notice his Versace silk boxers he was wearing while laying in the hospital:

Romeo Miller-versacre-boxers-hospital-pic-107-1

Glad Romeo Miller is ok.