Robert Downey Jr. Leaving Iron Man Franchise



(CelebNMusic247-NewsRobert Downey Jr. Leaving Iron Man Franchise?

Only five years ago Robert Downey Jr. signed to play Tony Stark.

Downey had a set amount of appearances in the films when the Marvel Cinematic Universe was just an idea.  A few billion dollars and five movies later, Robert Downey Jr. is the face of Marvel movies, superhero movies dare I say.

The only problem with success comes BIG BICKS and the megastar doesn’t come cheap.

The notoriously cost-conscious studio reportedly had to fork over upwards of $50 million to the actor for The Avengers, including box office bonuses and back-end compensation. Also the fact of Robert’s contract with Disney/Marvel ends in May brings up issues for future Marvel movies, according to Jakkdoe.

Robert had the following to say:

“Let’s just say that the only thing I ever let go of had claw marks in it. There’s a little bit of soul reclamation going on. I feel that the first time I played Tony, I did it best. Sorry! The affinity with Tony now is: how do you sustain something? I’m not stupid, I like to play ball, I love the company, I love the character, and the business side of things, I’m not [too] picky about that either.”

Let’s just hope Marvel doesn’t go the Bond route with this.

Check the Iron Man 3 Solo Posters:




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