Rob Kardashian Gets Hand Slap

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(CelebNMusic247-News) Rob Kardashian Gets Hand Slap

Rob Kardashian may have settlesd his Paparazzo Lawsuit but he got off too easy!

Well its official, Rob Kardashian has learned his life lessons when it comes to assaulting a paparazzo and then steals an expensive camera!

Unlike most American’s Rob just got a slap on his wrists instead of jail time.

Here’s the drop according to TMZ:

The criminal charges alleged against Rob by the pap whose camera he swiped will likely be dropped.  As you recall, the reality star was accused of pushing a female photographer and jacking her camera after she snapped pics of him changing clothes in a parking garage.

Apparently, Rob has settled the case by simply paying the pap for her camera equipment.  At a hearing yesterday, Rob’s lawyers and the prosecution told the judge that the parties had reached a civil settlement.

Because the paparazzo wasn’t present at the hearing, the judge decided to wait to dismiss the petty theft and battery charges against Rob.  The judge wanted to be able to speak with her in person about the situation before making a final decision.  The site reports that the photographer is happy with the proposed settlement, so the conversation is likely a formality.

The photographer’s attorney assured the judge that she would be present at the next hearing which is scheduled for June 7th.  How much do you think Robis going to end up paying her?  I’m guessing that is going to be one pricey camera reimbursement to get the pap to agree to have the prosecution drop the criminal charges!